Don’t Know About Peeps, Passports Are Surely Getting Smarter

by Pooja Paryani
Don’t Know About Peeps, Passports Are Surely Getting Smarter

Tech-savvy Passports

Seems like 2017 has brought good news with its arrival. The government has announced the introduction of passports with tamper-proof electronic chips later in 2017.

Why is that?

To stricture forgery, the chips will have personal identification data like fingerprints and biometrics.

How will it work?

The biometric data will be verified at the entry ports.

Digitising is the next level

After the chip-embedded passports, fully digital passports are in the pipeline which can be carried in mobile phones.

Already Exists in

Malaysia followed by most of the European countries, Canada, Sri Lanka, China, Brazil already have E-passports in place.

Good News for People born after 26th January 1989:

1.You don’t need to submit your birth certificate
2. One of the parents’ name is acceptable in the form
3. No need to submit marriage certificate
4. Divorcees/ separated couples don’t need to provide their spouse’s name
5. You can submit either of the following documents and you are sorted:
(i) Aadhar Card
(ii) PAN Card
(iii) Driving Licence
(iv) School leaving certificate
(v) Election Photo ID Card
(vi) Policy Bond by public insurance company

And on top of it, you don’t need to get it attested from a public official, self-declaration will suffice.

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