Say Goodbye To Passports Because Fingering Could Take You Places

by Sneha Pai
Say Goodbye To Passports Because Fingering Could Take You Places

Under 140 Characters

Passport-free will soon become a reality with technology replacing it with biometric scanning. Australia and UK taking the lead.

How It Works? 

A combination of fingerprint, face and iris scanning at unmanned electronic stationed is used to identify and process international travellers. This is done at airports and other entry and exit points.

By When?

Due to begin this year, the biometric scheme is expected to be fully implemented by the end of the decade. The first trial using this technology will be initiated in July at Canberra Airport. Plans are on to introduce in Sydney and Melbourne by November.

As a matter of fact, Australia plans to go completely passport-free by 2020


Australian Government is spending about $100 Million AUD for this facility. SmartGates at airports across the globe will be replaced to accommodate the new scheme.

Why Do We Like It?

Biometrics access means seamless traveling and travel history at your fingertips. Moreover, biometrics can process up to 90% travellers.

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