Pay Your Rents In The UAE Or Face Travel Bans

by Deeplata Garde
Pay Your Rents In The UAE Or Face Travel Bans


After the travel ban imposed on citizens due to the pandemic, UAE has declared another reason for it. An UAE resident who fails to pay rent or loan of the house, might have to undergo a travel ban. Below are several legal reasons why you can receive a travel ban in the UAE. Avoid these mistakes if you want to escape the legal battles.

UAE Can Apply Travel Ban Incase

1.If You Failed To Pay Your Rent On Time

Are you running late on paying the rent or avoiding the landlord’s notice regarding the same? We suggest you take action now or else the Landlord can approach the rental dispute center. If that occurs, an individual will suffer a travel ban from the center and can’t move further from the country. Following the case you have to pay the rent at the earliest or fulfill other interests ordered by them.


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2.Not Repaying The Bank Loan

Failure in repaying loans or credit card bills can land you in similar kind of trouble. The bank can levy a travel ban in case of Cheque getting bounced or claim full amount of money incase you increased it later.You will face civil case for bounced cheques as it doesn’t fall under criminal offence any more.

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How Do You Verify If You Have Travel Ban

There are several reasons that can lead to travel ban on a individual. If you are unsure about travel ban levied on you then you can get it rechecked with authorities. You can visit the police or the immigration office of Emirates to understand the status. One can also check it online on official portals of courts or public prosecution.

They will remove the travel ban only when you resolve the case.If it persists even after paying the penalty then it would be best to follow up with the officials.

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