This Is How Much You Need To Pay If You Overstay Your UAE Visa

by Deeplata Garde
This Is How Much You Need To Pay If You Overstay Your UAE Visa

The United Arab Emirates is a model country for immigrants. It’s a welcoming country for visitors, business people, and professionals from all over the world. Similarly, the government also has a well-regulated residence visa system. Overall it watches and guarantees a legal permit to stay in the region. Immigration agents strictly enforce overstay fines in the UAE to ensure legal permits for inhabitants to remain in the country.

Does UAE Charge Overstay Fines To Visitors?

Regardless of the type of visa, it’s essential to not overstay in UAE. Overstaying on a pre-paid or on-arrival visit visa will result in a fine of 200 AED for the first day and 100 AED for the second day. Any UAE citizen who overstays their visa will incur 125 AED on the first day and 25 AED each day trailing the subsequent days.

Will I Get Any Grace Period In Case Of Emergency?

An individual receives a grace period of up to 10 days to stay in the country after their expired visa. One can exit the country without paying fines until the provided tenure. After that, the overstay charges will levy as per mentioned guidelines.

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Overstaying Fines For Residents

If your residence visa expires if you are a UAE resident, read ahead. You get 30 days to amend your status, apply for a new residence visa, or leave the country. During the grace period, you won’t assess any penalties. If the person overstays after the grace period, the government will levy the fee of 125 AED for the first day and 25 AED for each day after that. After six months of overstaying, you will receive a fine of 50 AED per day. With the increasing year, you will incur 100 AED per day. Suppose your new company is taking too long to complete your residence visa; better to apply for a tourist visa with or without exit. Along with that, get a temporary residence permit.

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