People, Halloween Is Made! Global Village To Have A ‘House Of Fear’ Haunted House

by Ishita Agarwal
People, Halloween Is Made! Global Village To Have A ‘House Of Fear’ Haunted House

Halloween is the spooktacular time for all families to celebrate the festival by participating in costume competitions and trick-and-treating. With the opening of Global Village’s new season on October 25, you can enjoy your Halloween with the House of Fear haunted house. Let’s check out more about this scariest haunted house in Global Village. 

Freaking ‘House Of Fear’ Haunted House Is Here At Global Village 


Are you excited about all the freaking things you will experience in this haunted house? This house is going to be the scariest haunted house in Dubai. A cast of actors will appear in nine scenarios at the recently constructed House of Fear, featuring a haunted cemetery, a hospital mental ward, and even a wailing tree. The eerie design, which covers 660 square metres, uses the most recent robotic technology from the US. Prepare yourself with goosebumps! 

Ripley’s Believe It or Not!, one of the site’s most well-liked attractions, will get more than 50 additional displays, bringing its total to over 200. Superhero lovers will find many new choices at Ripley’s expansions, while kids can try out construction equipment in a safe and entertaining environment at the new Diggers Lab. The “Cristiano Ronaldo money legs” exhibition, a 14-foot deadly crocodile, the “torture chamber gallery” and the “heroes exhibit” are notable displays. 

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This Spooky Land Will Have Video Recording Technology 


Thanks to new video recording technology, thrill seekers can view themselves on three nerve-wracking rides in all their messy glory. Wearable wrist cameras that film the whole spooky experience will be available to guests, allowing them to share the enjoyment with their loved ones or as the ideal social media post. Sounds crazy, right? You can share your thrilling experience with everyone! 

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So, get ready with your spooky costumes and visit this House of Fear Haunted House at Global Village to experience the land of spookiness. 

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/globalvillageuae