Petrol Prices In UAE To Decrease Massively In April

by Angel Merchant
Petrol Prices In UAE To Decrease Massively In April

For the past three months, there has been a consistent decrease in petrol prices, with a significant drop in March. Now, prices will continue to drop further in April as well. The petrol prices in the upcoming month, will be one of the lowest the United Arab Emirates has ever seen. Below are the fuel prices starting from April 1st:

Super 98 A decrease from AED 2.16 to AED 1.91

Special 95 A decrease from AED 2.04 to AED 1.80

Diesel – A decrease from AED 2.25 to AED 2.06

Petrol prices in the UAE have always been subsidised by the government. This is to prevent the public from facing any price fluctuations between different petrol brands. The ministry of energy in the UAE have been setting fuel prices as per the average global fuel prices since August 2015.

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Below is a list of the gradual decrease in the UAE fuel prices so far:

January: AED 2.24

February: AED 2.24

March: AED 2.16

April: AED 1.80

All prices include the basic 5 percent value added tax (VAT).

Why Are Fuel Prices Decreasing?

The deadly Coronavirus pandemic has caused fuel prices around the world to cascade. Oil markets have been absolutely slammed as a result of the covid 19 virus, and the Russia /Saudi Arabia price war isn’t helping. As more countries begin to impose lockdowns, the demand for fuel is decreasing. The demand for oil is expected to shrink about approximately 20 million barrels per day. Petrol pumps all around the UAE have been asked to carry out strict sanitisation measures at all times. Fines will be released for anyone not obliging to the cleanliness standards. All staff at the pumps have been asked to maintain a certain distance keep themselves social distancing throughout the day.

Credits: Enoc/Facebook

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What Else?

The Ministry of Interior launched a mobilitliy permit for all residents during the disinfection drive. As per the new laws of the disinfection service, residents cannot leave their homes and are on a strict curfew from 8 PM till 5 PM. However, a new link has been set up, where individuals can apply for a move permit. This allows you to go where you please, during curfew hours. Anyone can access the federal mobility permit service. If you leave your homes without the permit after 8 PM at night till 6 AM in the morning, you will be slapped with a fine of AED3000.

Credits: Twitter/MOI