Phuket With Family Is A “Hell! Yeah!”

by Akriti Seth
Phuket With Family Is A “Hell! Yeah!”

What hits your head when I say ‘Thailand!’

The Strip clubs, Lady boys, Seafood and Ahem! Ahem! All the crazy wild things you can think of. While I say ‘I took a trip to Thailand with my family!’, I can already picture your expression in my head. And its not a nice one. When I say that Phuket with family is a “Hell! Yeah!”. Believe me! Or just look at our #InAMinute video to kill all your perceptions about travelling to THAILAND with the family.

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Why Phuket With Family?

Well, Thailand has a number of options for things to do for all age-groups, from kids to the parents. It’s known for its tropical beaches, extravagant royal palaces, ancient ruins and extremely ornate temples displaying figures of Lord Buddha.

Kids can chose from a no. of edutainment activities and the parents, well they have just as many options.

Go on a BTS Skytrain of take a day out to the Phi Phi Islands. Cover the James Bond Island and canoe through the tunnels there.  Let your body relax at a Thai spa or indulge in some wonderful stories of the past at the Sukhothai Historical Park. You can even choose to have some cockroaches or crickets if you feel up to it. Check out the floating markets and shop! shop! shop!

Amazing. Isn’t it?

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