Picture-Perfect Vistas, At 12,550 Ft, Uttrakhand’s Ali Bedni Bugyal Meadows Is One Of Asia’s Largest Grasslands

Ali and Bedni Bugyal
by Mallika Khurana

Ali Bedni Bugyal is comprised of majestic meadows that will enthral you with their vast magnificence. These meadows provide a hiking trail unlike any other and are situated in Uttarakhand’s Chamoli district. Even though India has many meadow treks, this one stands apart. The relentless trek to Bedni Bugyal and Ali Bugyal passes through verdant grasslands and dense coniferous forest that hangs from the rocky hills and ridges. Bedni Kund, a lake with crystal clear water, is very important to the Bedni Bugyal community from a religious perspective.

What To Expect During This Amazing Trek?

After a great hike through a dense forest, nothing can compare to the relief and mysticism when you reach Ali Bugyal. Mt. Trishul is the most significant part of the serenity that awaits you there. Standing tall and adding to the beauty around it, this mountain is simply exquisite. Our tip: Take a moment to appreciate your surroundings before pulling out your cameras to capture this breathtaking view. 

On the walk to Bedni Bugyal that comes next, you will feel exhilaration like never before! Take your next steps barefoot and allow nature to completely enchant you if you want to get the most out of this trail. At this point, you will be surrounded by meadows, showcasing their breathtaking beauty. If you haven’t considered undertaking this amazing journey yet, now is the time.

Once you set out for a 5-day trek to these lush greens, here’s how it will go.

  • On day 1, you will be travelling from Rishikesh to Lohajung
  • The next day, you will be descending from Lohajung to Didina and spending the night in a camp.
  • The next morning, you will trek from Didina to Ali Bugyal to soak in the beauty of the widespread nature around you.
  • On day 4, you will head to Bedni Bugyal and enjoy everything that nature has to offer you.
  • On your last day, you will set out on your journey back home!

Before You Plan The Trek, Here’s What You Must Know!

ali bedni bugyal trek

Photo Credits: Canva

Here’s all you should know about Ali Bedni Bugyal’s trek: 

  • Due to its moderate difficulty, the hike to Ali Bedni Bugyal is suitable for a variety of hikers, including both novice and expert hikers. 
  • The walk lasts roughly five to six days and spans a distance of about 18 kilometres. 
  • It is essential that trekkers be in good physical condition and have some prior trekking training because the terrain can be difficult in some areas. 
  • However, there are numerous rest breaks along the route, and the trail is clearly designated and well-maintained.

For hikers who want to escape the throng and enjoy the solitude and quiet of nature, this makes it the perfect place to go.

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva