Picture The Cosmos And Galaxies Far And Wide At Louvre Abu Dhabi’s New Space Exhibition

by Deeplata Garde
Picture The Cosmos And Galaxies Far And Wide At Louvre Abu Dhabi’s New Space Exhibition

UAE has been discussing space topics in recent years since Emirati Astronaut, Sultan Al Neyadi was sent to the International Space Centre. The Arab space mission gained a lot of attention and is still gaining a spark with space calls and more. So to enhance the space feels, Louvre Abu Dhabi, the renowned museum is bringing a cosmos-themed exhibit to the town. Bring your kids and enjoy space exploration in Abu Dhabi.

Infinity Of Space In The UAE Capital


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The Children’s Museum at the Louvre Abu Dhabi is a must-visit for young minds with comparable interests in space throughout the summer. After all, summer isn’t just about parks and beaches. In order to encourage young children to join future generations of space explorers and scientists, the UAE is kindling a flame in them through a variety of methods, including the exhibition. Prepare for an extraordinary journey when the museum opens its newest display. Three breathtaking levels make up the interplanetary voyage Picturing the Cosmos, which takes young visitors right into the heart of space. Your entrance to the marvels of the universe is this family-friendly exhibit, which combines interactive activities and art to create a unique experience.

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Theme-Based Entry To The Cosmos At Louvre Abu Dhabi


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Take a fascinating journey through space to see how artists from various walks of life have been fascinated by the cosmos throughout time and how they depicted the cosmos. Four enthralling themes form the course of the cosmic odyssey:

Beginning with creative depictions of celestial bodies, the trip begins with awe at the heavenly wonders seen from Earth.

Where stories about stars and galaxies come to life via fascinating storytelling that has influenced people’s perceptions of the universe throughout history and across cultures.

Science’s contributions to our understanding of the complexity and vastness of space have aided in the discovery of the cosmos’ secrets.

The location where aspirations of intergalactic travel and discovering the unknown are made possible.

The show also includes a handful of paintings that date back more than a century and include constellations from all around the world. At the display, there are also some fascinating instruments to be found. Therefore, if the exhibition’s narrative piques your interest, reserve your tickets and bring your children to the Louvre Abu Dhabi to learn about the cosmos.

Where: Saadiyat Island
When: Tues to Thur 10 am to 6.30 pm, Fri and Sat 10 am to 8.30 pm
Tickets: Dhs63 for adults, Children: Free Entry

Cover Image Courtesy: Insta/ Louvre Abu Dhabi