Pilot Captured A Stunning Red & Green Aurora Unfolding Above The Clouds Making Netizens Go ‘Wow!’

Have you seen the Northern Lights? This pilot captured a stunning video of red and green Aurora and it is beautiful!

by Shreya Rathod
Pilot Captured A Stunning Red & Green Aurora Unfolding Above The Clouds Making Netizens Go ‘Wow!’

The Northern Lights, or Aurora, is a stunning phenomenon caused by disturbances in the magnetosphere. The rainbow-like spectrum is beautiful and a tourist attraction. People from all over the world visit the North to watch them. Recently, a pilot captured the stunning red and green aurora on camera while flying in the sky.

Pilot Captures Red & Green Aurora On Camera!


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A pilot, soaring across the night sky, witnessed an amazing natural phenomenon. He captured a red and green aurora on camera. People are in shock after watching the incredible moment that happened above the clouds and was posted to Instagram.

This strange meeting of man and environment was described by a pilot by the name of Thomas. In order to provide further light on the situation, he also included a thorough caption. His post stated that it was the brightest Aurora Borealis he had ever seen. Aurora Borealis was incredibly beautiful, with vibrant, vivid curtains of ionised red and green light. It was so strong that it could be seen from the Netherlands, which is extremely unusual.

For thousands of years, humans have been enthralled with the stunning, dancing waves of light known as the northern lights, or aurora borealis. Despite its beauty, this amazing light show is actually quite assertive. At up to 45 million mph (72 million kph), energetic particles from the sun smash into Earth’s upper atmosphere, but the magnetic field of our planet shields us from the onslaught.

As the particles are redirected towards the poles by Earth’s magnetic field (there are also southern lights, which you can read about below), the dramatic process turns into a breathtaking atmospheric phenomenon that captivates and amazes both skywatchers and scientists.

Netizens Go “Wow” After Watching It

Aurora Borealis reaction
Credits: @pilot_astro/ Instagram

We have several questions about Aurora and one of them was voiced by a user. He asked if it was safe to fly inside the aurora. Addressing his doubt, the pilot wrote that it was perfectly safe to fly.

Another user asked if he could even focus on flying with such a view. And if he was on approach, it could really distract him with such wonder!

A user wrote, “Wow! My photos from last night are not included completely!” Another person commented, “First reel that I came across this morning, what a beautiful way to start the day.”

One of the users stated, “Every time I’m at home when things like this happen.” Another person asked, “What aircraft? Also how high were you? Beautiful shots, lucky duck!”

A user wrote that he wonders if the man became a pilot because he wanted to watch this magnificent beautiful view.

A person asked if a passenger with a camera could get permission from the pilot to take some pictures from the cockpit.

Other people in the comments section were just stunned to look at the lights. There were words like ‘mind-blowing’, ‘awesome’, ‘beautiful’, ‘wonderful’ and so on popping up.

Comment below and tell us if you have ever seen the Northern Lights.

Cover Image Courtesy: @pilot_astro/ Instagram

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