Pilot Sells Burgers & Runs 60 Outlets In 16 Cities; Earns ₹34 Cr. Turnover A Year | Street Stories S2 Ep21

by Tonakshi Kalra

This is a story of a Pilot & Senior Commander turned restaurateur, Rajat Jaiswal who while doing his job with a leading airline, worked towards his passion for food. Rajat took this step after observing the aviation industry’s volatile nature over the years. He launched a burger brand ‘Wat A Burger’ with his childhood friend and today, he earns a turnover of ₹34 Crores, running 60 outlets in 9 states and 16 cities successfully. He faced a lot of struggles during the initial days of setting the burger brand. Watch the success story of this pilot turned restaurateur and get more passionate about your passion!

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