10 Places In The World Named After Queen Elizabeth II

by Shreya Ghosh
10 Places In The World Named After Queen Elizabeth II

On 8 September 2022, Queen Elizabeth II took her last breath peacefully at Balmoral Castle in Scotland at the age of 96 years. She reigned for 70 years and also was the longest-reigning monarch from 1952. She sat on the throne for the longest time in British history. There are so many places globally that are named after her. During these decades of her reign, she travelled to various countries and people over there named places after the monarch in her honour.

Places In The World Named After Queen Elizabeth II

1. The Queen Elizabeth II September 11th Garden, New York

To remember the Commonwealth victims of the 9/11 attacks, John Hall, the Dean of Westminster renamed the garden ‘The Queen Elizabeth II September 11th Garden’. The new name is also for honouring the monarch’s Diamond Jubilee.

Queen Elizabeth
Photo credit- Wikimedia Commons

2. Elizabeth Quay, Perth

Previously known as the Esplanade Reserve, the grand waterfront precinct in Perth got its new name as a tribute to the monarch for her Diamond Jubilee year. Premier Colin Barnett announced the name on 28 May 2012.

Queen Elizabeth
Photo credit- Wikimedia Commons

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3. Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London

This sporting complex in Stanford was named The Olympic Park. Later it was renamed ‘Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park’ to mark the Diamond Jubilee of the monarch.

Queen Elizabeth
Photo credit- Wikimedia Commons

4. Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Hong Kong

Hong Kong became the home of this hospital in 1963. During that time, Hong Kong was a British colony. Prince Philip, the husband of Queen Elizabeth II set the foundation stone of the establishment. Interestingly, this is the biggest general hospital in Hong Kong.

5. Queenstown, Singapore

The first town that was built to tackle the rise in population is Queenstown. The name of the place was given after Queen Elizabeth to mark her coronation in the year 1952. The area is around 20 sq km and almost 1,00,000 people live here in Queenstown.

Photo credit- Wikimedia Commons

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6. Princess Elizabeth Land

The British, Australian, and New Zealand Antarctic Research Expedition found a part of Antarctica long back in 1931. They named the land ‘Princess Elizabeth Land’ after the Queen. This sector is now a part of the Australian Antarctic Territory.

7. Queen Elizabeth Land

Queen Elizabeth Land is an area of almost 4,37,000 sq km of British Antarctic Territory. The place got its name from the Queen after her diamond jubilee, 75th birthday in 2012. The size is almost double the size of Britain.

8. The Queen’s Terminal, London Heathrow Airport

Another name for Heathrow Terminal 2 is ‘The Queen’s Terminal’. In June 2014, the terminal was opened in honour of Her Majesty.

Photo credit- Wikimedia Commons

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9. Queen Elizabeth Islands, Canada

In the year 1953, the Parry Archipelago got a new name ‘Queen Elizabeth Islands’. The reason behind renaming the islands is to honour Queen Elizabeth II.

10. Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda

This national park in Uganda is one of the most popular parks in Uganda. Huge crowds visit here to witness abundant wildlife such as lions, leopards, African elephants, and more. After the Queen visited this national park, it was renamed in 1954.

Cover image courtesy: Wikimedia Commons