Throwback: When Queen Elizabeth II Visited Agra With Prince Philip

by Sanmita A
Throwback: When Queen Elizabeth II Visited Agra With Prince Philip

Queen Elizabeth II passed away peacefully on Sep 8. The world took to social media to share condolences, the broadcast media changed the course of their regular programmes, and the world leaders shared their accounts with the Queen. Many stories, throwback photographs and anecdotes surfaced on the internet about Queen Elizabeth II. In India as well, people recalled their memories of Queen Elizabeth II. India Today reported 108-year-old Imamuddin recollecting Queen Elizabeth II visiting Agra with Prince Philip.

Huge Crowd Welcome Queen Elizabeth II In Agra After Independence

Queen Elizabeth visited Agra several decades after India’s independence and the partition. However, the Queen received a massive welcome from Indians who were cheering and clapping as the Queen waved at Indians who gathered on the road leading to Agra’s iconic monument, the Taj Mahal. After reaching the Taj Mahal, Queen Elizabeth took an elaborate tour of the enchanting Taj Mahal.

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Taj Mahal & The Royals’ Visits

Sighting the charming Taj Mahal on moonlit nights is enchanting. And Queen Elizabeth, during her Agra tour, saw this beauty under the moon’s silver light. Prince Philip and the Queen took a tour during the day and also visited during the night. As per India Today’s report, the Queen shared a note on the Taj Mahal’s visitor’s diary and wrote. She called the Taj Mahal a glorious sight. And all visitors to the Taj Mahal today will totally agree with the Queen’s description of the iconic monument.

Not only the Taj Mahal, but Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II also visited the Agra Fort that day in 1961.

After Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II visited Agra, Prince Charles, now the King, visited the Taj Mahal too. Princess Diana’s picture sitting alone in the Taj Mahal on a bench became a famous picture. Today is known as the Diana bench, and the bench is a spot where visitors sit and get their photographs clicked on it too.

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