5 Things You Should Never Do With Your Boarding Pass

by Shreya Ghosh
5 Things You Should Never Do With Your Boarding Pass

The importance of a boarding pass is not unknown to us. It is extremely crucial and needed at every point while boarding a flight. Not taking good care of it can lead to unnecessary problems and uncertainties. It is better to keep the boarding pass handy and properly. Any mishaps with this document can not only disrupt your journey but also has the tendency to leak your personal information. Keep these things in mind while travelling on a flight with your pass. These are the things that you need to strictly avoid.

1. Do Not Upload Pictures Of Your Boarding Pass

All of us love to upload pictures when we are travelling somewhere. Out of excitement, some of us even post pictures of our boarding pass on social media. Well, it might seem just like any other photos that we upload on our social media handles but unfortunately, our perception of it is wrong. People can get access to a lot of things with the help of your boarding pass. That simple piece of paper contains a lot of information such as the number of the frequent flyer card and the Passenger Name Record (PNR). Using these things, people can get access to your card used in booking tickets, and your personal information such as date of birth and destination from your PNR. In fact, they can change the seat numbers, change the PIN of the account, and even cancel your tickets during your future trips.

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Boarding Pass

2. Do Not Throw Your Boarding Pass At The Airport

Infinite flyers board flights from an airport every day. We know none of them and we do not know who they are or how they are. As mentioned earlier, this pass has a lot of information, and none of us really want to give someone unknown access to that.

3. Do Not Leave It On The Flights

It is not at all okay to leave your boarding pass on the flight itself after reaching your destination. Of course, it can lead to an invasion of your privacy and we don’t know who will get a hold of the passes. And also it is not a good sign for a flyer to leave the pass here and there on the flight.

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4. Stop Yourself From Discarding It In Hotels

While travelling somewhere, be it for a vacation or a workation, we mostly book hotels and stays to accommodate. It is not at all advisable to leave your boarding pass in the hotel room. No wonder in which ways someone can use that simple discarded piece of paper to get access to your privacy.

5. Do Not Lose The Pass In A Public Place

The barcode on your boarding pass holds a lot of information about you. And giving open access to people to your barcode can be quite gruesome for you. It is not difficult to get to know about you and your personal information using a barcode as there is a website that will easily decode everything.