Plan A Trip To Bali From India Under ₹50,000 And Here’s How

by Shreya Ghosh
Plan A Trip To Bali From India Under ₹50,000 And Here’s How

Gone are those days when people did not plan for any international trips as travelling overseas can shell out a very massive amount. Now travelling under a budget is not difficult anymore. Pro tourists are exploring different corners of the world under a pocket-friendly budget and satisfying their wanderlust. If you want to take a trip to Bali but money is turning out to be a problem, we have the perfect solution for you. This article focuses on a plan for Bali under ₹50,000. It will include everything from flight tickets, accommodation facilities, restaurants, and sightseeing.

Here’s How To Plan A Trip To Bali From India For Under ₹50,000

Travelling to this stunning tropical paradise of spectacular landscapes under a specific budget will make you do some crazy research. To get great deals, you need to search a lot and find out the best ones. The great thing is that we are doing that for you. So sit back and think about what to pack in your bags for this wonderful international trip.

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Flight Tickets:

From whichever Indian city you are departing for your holidays, you will need a flight to reach your destination. If you book your flight tickets on time (avoid any last-minute bookings), then you can easily get both tickets to reach and return under ₹17,000- ₹18,000.

Hotels & Stays:

When you are travelling under a budget, staying in luxurious resorts is a dream. You need to compromise a few things but still, you will be able to find comfortable stays under a few thousand rupees. The situation in Bali is quite unlikely of rest other international destinations. Anyone can experience wellness and luxury here on just a small budget. You will find plenty of accommodation options with proper amenities and facilities for just about ₹2000 per night. On a better search, you may find rooms for even lesser than this.

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So many restaurants are available all around this idyllic island destination, where you need to spend just a few bucks to relish deliciousness. You do not have to splurge thousands for a meal. Just search a bit here and there and you will get places serving lip-smacking cuisines at a very affordable price.


After booking flight tickets and hotel rooms, and also spending on meals, you will still have enough money for a fantastic sightseeing experience and indulge in a few adventurous activities. Go for boat rides, ferry rides, party on the island, explore new destinations, rent cycles and cars, and indulge in thrilling activities such as diving, there is so much to do in Bali. And with a budget of ₹50,000, you can experience a memorable trip in this memsmerising location.