Planning To Visit Rameswaram Soon? Do Not Skip Out On These 7 Unique Experiences

by Ankita Mazumdar
Planning To Visit Rameswaram Soon? Do Not Skip Out On These 7 Unique Experiences

Rameswaram is famous for its religious places and it is the closest to Sri Lanka. It is primarily at the tip of the Indian Peninsula. It has been the centre of attraction for travellers from all over the world and for the Hindus. Rameswaram is one of the Char Dhams of India. Lord Shiva is worshipped here, so the footfall of Hindus is massive. Here are some of the unique experiences you have to undertake in Rameswaram.

Indulge In These 7 Unique Experiences In Rameswaram

1. Visit The Ghost Town: Dhanushkodi

The town of Dhanuskodi is situated at the southern end of Rameswaram, so the Indian Ocean and Bay of Bengal surround it. A cyclone at the speed of 274 Km/hr caused devastation in 1964, wiping out most of the town and submerging it. Therefore, the government declared it a “Ghost Town” as it became unfit for habitation. You can still see some railway tracks under the sand.

2. Go To The Border Of India & Sri Lanka In Rameswaram

The historic bridge made of a chain of limestone shoals is known as Rama Setu and Adam’s Bridge. It connects Rameswaram and Sri Lanka. This bridge is believed to be a remnant of the bridge built by Ram to save Sita from Ravana. This place is technically the end of the Indian landmass and the distance between both countries is just 33 km!

3. A Train Journey Over The Pamban Bridge

This bridge is also named Annai Indira Gandhi Road Bridge. It is the second-longest sea bridge in India, stretching for 2.4 km. The bridge is so close to the sea that you will have a stunning view of the vast sea from the train ride. The bridge even opens up to let boats pass.

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4. Pay A Visit To Kalam National Memorial In Rameswaram

Built in honour of the A.P.J. Abdul Kalam’s life and great achievements. This museum maintains some of his special collections, starting from replicas of missiles to details about the Pokhran Nuclear Test. It also reflects India’s diversity. Did you know you can also visit A.P.J. Abdul Kalam’s childhood house? It was converted into a museum and named ‘House of Kalam’; visit this as well.

5. Take A Bath at Agni Theertham

It is a belief that you can wash away your sins at Agni Theertham. People from all over the world come here to do just that. It is a very holistic place and is one of the 64 sacred baths in India. According to beliefs, you will be pure if you take a bath here.

6. Spot Various Migratory Birds At Arichamunai Bird Sanctuary

Are you looking for pretty pink flamingos? Arichamunai Bird Sanctuary has all kinds of migratory birds if you visit between December and March. The sight of flocks of Australian flamingos together is a serene one. You may spot painted storks, pelicans, egrets, and ibis.

7. Relax At Ariyaman Beach In Rameswaram

Lastly, you can relax at the most tranquil beach, Ariyaman Beach or Kushi Beach. The sunset views and the clear water are enough to calm you down after a day full of exploring. It extends up to about 2 km in length. It is known for its cleanliness, so do not litter. In fact, don’t litter at any of the above places, carry a trash bag with you and dump it in the dustbin at the end of the day.

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Enjoy exploring the town of Rameswaram and the unique experience it has to offer!

Cover Image Credits: X/hathyogi31

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