PM Modi Inaugurates Atal Bridge On Gujarat’s Sabarmati River And It Looks Stunning

by Deeplata Garde
PM Modi Inaugurates Atal Bridge On Gujarat’s Sabarmati River And It Looks Stunning

Hailing from the land of Sabarmati, PM Modi has a diverse and quite strong bond with the state and its progressive stint. The making of the Atal bridge near Sabarmati River has reached its goal of completion. Sources confirm that PM Modi will inaugurate this pedestrian-only bridge in Ahmedabad. The Prime Minister will soon be visiting Gujarat for a two-day trip starting on August 27. He will then launch the Atal bridge during that span.

Sabarmati River’s Walkway Bridge Inaugration

Sabarmati’s stunning bridge is about to commence, and Modiji will be announcing the inaugural. The Riverfront’s flower garden on the western end and the future arts and culture complex on the eastern end will be connected by a footbridge. This bridge will connect the plaza linking Flower Park and the Event Ground on the West Bank to the projected Art, Cultural, and Exhibition Center on the East Bank. It will also observe other public developments on the East and West Banks.

Its distinctive design will elevate the prominence of the Riverfront and the city in both a technical and aesthetic sense. On the bridge, there is an LED light display as well.

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Additional Project Launch By PM Modi In Gujarat

Along with these, he also has Smriti Van in Bhuj launch that honours the spirit of fortitude displayed by people in the wake of the Gujarat earthquake in 2001.
On August 28, at around ten in the morning, he will dedicate the Smriti Van Memorial in Bhuj. The Prime Minister will lay the cornerstone and officially launch several development projects in Bhuj at noon.

Additionally, he will open a foot overbridge at Sabarmati and the office spaces of the Gujarat Rajya Khadi Gramodyog Board. Due to PM Modi, khadi sales in India have increased four times. Also, they have increased by an enormous eight times in Gujarat.

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