PM Modi Shares Video Of Arunachali Lady Speaking About Benefits Of Millets. Watch!

by Shreya Rathod
PM Modi Shares Video Of Arunachali Lady Speaking About Benefits Of Millets. Watch!

The Indian local diet not only consists of cereals and pulses but also millets. It is a highly nutritious grain with several health benefits! And the Indian government is popularising it and celebrating the year 2023 as the ‘Year Of Millet’. Recently, Prime Minister Narendra Modi shared a video of a lady in Arunachal Pradesh stating the health benefits of millets — or Shree Ann!

PM Modi Shares Video On Twitter

Union Minister Smriti Irani is on the Arunachal Pradesh tour. She posted a video on Twitter of a woman stating the benefits of millet, specifically for women. According to her, anyone who eats this never gets sick! The woman listed the underlying benefit of this local grain. Even PM Modi shared this video and captioned it as ‘she rightly points out the benefit’.

Millets offer unique nutritional qualities as well as unique agronomic traits.There are two varieties of millets in India. Minor millets include foxtail, tiny millet, kodo, proso, and barnyard millet, whereas major millets include sorghum, pearl millet, and finger millet.

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The millet revolution in India is being propelled by an increased understanding of the millet’s advantages for human health and the environment. Also, there were initiatives to restore ancient agricultural methods and assist small-scale farmers. It is viewed as a solution to the nation’s dual problems of advancing sustainable agriculture and public health.

Health Benefits Of Millets

Credits: Canva

Millets are low in calories and a great dietary item for weight loss for people who are concerned about their fitness. It helps you maintain your energy level throughout the day and keeps you full for a long time.

They are a fantastic source of protein and can support and boost our immune systems. If you consume it, there are fewer chances of contracting diseases. Millets are a high source of dietary fibre that aids in digestion by reducing gas, bloating, cramping, and constipation. In addition to this, healthy digestion prevents conditions like colon and stomach cancer and liver and kidney disorders.

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Millet’s magnesium content helps you with migraines. In addition to this, it may lessen asthmatic symptoms and their severity.

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