Pop The Question At This Propose Point In Lonavala Overlooking Pawana Dam

by Shreya Ghosh
Pop The Question At This Propose Point In Lonavala Overlooking Pawana Dam

People go crazy and beyond to express their love and propose to their bae and partners. While some keep it minimal with flowers, chocolates, and the ring, others make an extravaganza of it. It is a very private and close decision for each and everyone, and everyone makes it special just how they and their partners like it. Well, if you are thinking of making your loved one ‘your girlfriend/ boyfriend or your fiance’, then we have a sweet solution for you. ‘Propose Point in Lonavala’ is the place and we are sure you will love it.

The Propose Point In Lonavala

Nestled in Lonavala, the Pawana viewpoint overlooks the beautiful Pawana Dam and has the Sahyadri Mountains as the backdrop. The lace is simply breathtaking with how nature plays with the colours here. Surrounded by greenery, this Propose Point looks simply mesmerising at any point of the day. The view, the ambience, and the essence of this place will make the most romantic moment of your life the best and the most special.

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Propose Point In Lonavala

Pop The Champagne Bottle And Put A Ring!

If you are super romantic at heart, you will fall in love with this Pawana viewpoint. If proposing is on your cards, rush to this propose point in Lonavala and say out ‘I love you’ to your loved one. Nothing can ever be more romantic than standing on a hilltop, under the blue sky, amidst the greenery with your partner.


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Lonavala is a very romantic place and has a lot to offer for the couples out there. You can even spend some quality time with your bae in Lonavala after the proposal. The list of places and things to explore with your partner here is endless and you will surely have a great time full of love and memories. So, wait no more and finally share with your bae what you have been waiting for so long!