Potterheads! Head To This Harry-Potter Themed Cafe In Pune

by Aditi Singh
Potterheads! Head To This Harry-Potter Themed Cafe In Pune

Under 140 Characters 

Near, Sinhagad College in Wadgao Budruk, is located Dobby’s Cafe to relive your Harry Potter days!

What Is It? 

It’s time to rejoice because here is something we could have only dreamt of.  Dobby’s Cafe comes as a surprise to all the fans of Harry Potter in Pune! This place serves food and drinks are named after famous Harry Potter characters and spells. Without a doubt go for a pint of butterbeer. Yes how we wondered what that butterbeer would taste like while lost in the world of Harry Potter! Now you can stop wondering and actually go get yourself one! The beer is frothy and creamy has a resembling aftertaste of ale .We also recommend the chef’s special pink sauce creamy pasta and cupcakes. The pasta sauce is thick and those fresh herbs completes the dish!The cupcakes are topped with a helping of whipped cream and sprinkled with edible confetti

What Else?

This one-storied café is carefully  done-up with Harry Potter elements like potion vials, a sorting hat, wands, daily prophets and photo frames that make up a Harry Potter theme. Dobby’s Cafe has also come up with a mix of  interesting mocktails. We recommend you to pair your food with one of these!


Address: Meenakshipuram, Vadgaon Budruk, Pune
Cost: ₹500 (approx)