Premium Suvidha Trains Cost More Than Flight Ticket; Railways Plans To Reconsider Fare Structure

Netizens are venting online about the dynamic pricing structure of Suvidha trains and their expensive tickets.

by Shreya Ghosh
Premium Suvidha Trains Cost More Than Flight Ticket; Railways Plans To Reconsider Fare Structure

Lakhs of travellers choose trains over flights as there is a significant difference between the ticket prices most of the time. There is no denying that air travel costs a bomb, even to cover short distances domestically. This is where trains help us to continue travelling on a specified budget. But looks like journeys on some trains are now costing more than catching a flight. You will need to shell out more money for premium Suvidha trains than flights now.

Netizens Raise Concern Over Extreme Surge Of Suvidha Trains’s Pricing Structure

Taking to the X (formerly Twitter) platform, स्वयम्भूः 🇮🇳 (@Hiranyagarbhah) shared how tickets for a single seat on Suvidha trains are costing a lot.

A 3-tier AC coach ticket on Suvidha Express from Mumbai to Patna is costing ₹6,655 and a 2-tier AC coach seat is costing ₹9,395. On the other hand, an IndiGo flight ticket on the same route is priced at ₹6,934. There is hardly any such major difference between the ticket fare of the train and flight. Interestingly, air travel from Mumbai to Patna is cheaper than booking a 2-tier AC coach seat on Suvidha Express.

KAAFIR (@Kaafir887799) tweeted how concerned authorities are not sharing “the complete story behind such charges”. The user also mentioned how a message stating “Dynamic Pricing is applicable in this train. Fare may increase at the time of booking” appears on the screen while tapping the class section for bookings.

praveen kumar (@Prvn23Kumar) pointed out the issue of getting tickets during festivals and high demand. He tagged the Ministry of Railways asking “why it’s so hectic for Biharis working outside Bihar”. He mentioned how they do not get tickets easily during festivals. In fact, if they get tickets to return home during the festive season, it costs them thrice on the Suvidha Express.

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Railways Plans To Take Necessary Steps

Suvidha Trains
Picture credit- Canva

Social media is getting flooded with complaints and concerns from Internet users about a surge in ticket prices from Mumbai to Patna and the dynamic pricing structure of Suvidha Express. Railways are now working on a plan that may focus on discontinuing the system of dynamic pricing only for premium Suvidha trains, according to a report by The Telegraph India.

People from different states of India are now looking for train and flight tickets to visit home in Patna and celebrate Chhath Puja. In between the surge in demand and an abnormal spike in train ticket fares, everyone is getting concerned, criticising, and venting on social media platforms. Railways plan to take some necessary action in view of the excessive ticket costs.

Railways may decrease the allowed spike in the ticket base prices for Suvidha Express, according to a report by SwarajyaMag. Suvidha Express was launched a few years back and the fare structure has been dynamic from 2015. Dynamic pricing structure states that the fare of the ticket will vary on the number of available seats. With the seats decreasing, the prices increase as well. Also, this fare structure is available on only some superfast trains and not all express trains operated by Railways.

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Starting from October 1, 2023, Railways have already provided services for 2,423 journeys in special trains. These trains travelled with around 36 lakh people this festive season. The numbers are quite high this year, in comparison to 2022.

Are you travelling back home this festival season?

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