Price Difference Between ONDC And Swiggy, Zomato Will Reduce Soon As The Incentives Will Be Rounded Off

by Vaishalee Kalvankar

These days you must have heard a lot about a new delivery platform named ONDC. It is an app curated by the Indian government and has been in action since September last year. The users of this app are significantly increasing these days and people have begun comparing it with other food delivery apps. But the price difference between these apps might be reduced soon.

Price Difference Between ONDC And Swiggy, Zomato Might Reduce

ONDC has become a buzzword for quite a few days now. The reason behind users liking it so much or switching to it from Zomato and Swiggy is the low price offered on the application. 

People were surprised to see huge price differences between ONDC and other popular food delivery apps like Zomato and Swiggy. But soon this price difference might be reduced. ONDC has capped incentive levels for sellers and buyer-side apps. It has recently notified seller-side applications that it will limit incentives for buyers to subsidise delivery costs.

Currently, ONDC is offering a discount of up to ₹75 on logistics for eligible orders. But now they have added two new conditions. 

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No More Free Delivery

Each seller-side app will receive a maximum incentive of ₹2,25,000 and every buyer-side app will receive a maximum incentive of ₹3,750. In the initial time, customers were given delivery and no charges were charged for the same. But the clause is no longer in existence since May 9.

The users who used the ONDC application through Paytm were offered a discount of ₹50, which has also been capped now. It used to offer a discount on orders above ₹100 but now it has been capped at 2000 orders per day. 

The price difference between these applications with these caps might go down by 50-60 percent. ONDC has already reached 10,000 orders and is aiming to scale up! (As per ET Now News)

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