Private Plane Demand Peaks For India To UAE Sector At ₹5-₹9 Lakh Per Hour

by Kanika Sharma
Private Plane Demand Peaks For India To UAE Sector At ₹5-₹9 Lakh Per Hour

With numerous restrictions and sealed borders, travelling abroad is not on everybody’s cards. However, recently there has been a revelation that peaked our interest. There has been a spike in demand for private planes in recent times. Mostly, for those who have been travelling from India to Dubai. Wondering how is that possible? Read on to find out.

Spike In Private Plane Bookings From India To Dubai

According to a recent report in Khaleej Times, there has been an increase in private plane bookings that are flying to and from Dubai. While India continues to be a popular destination, there are a few more that have been added to the list. People are hiring private planes to travel to destinations like Africa, Europe and island resorts located in the Indian Ocean. The cost for the same differs from ₹5 – ₹9 lakhs an hour. 

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Scott Glenn, director of sales at Empire Aviation Group, was reported as saying, “All charter flights operate with the appropriate permissions and clearances for the specific mission, route and destination. Passengers are required to submit some paperwork for the approval of authorities at the point of departure and destination. These typically mirror the requirements for passengers on commercial airlines and are subject to change at short notice.”

In addition to this, there are standard Covid-19 cleaning procedures on board the aircraft, along with VIP catering as well.

Could Private Planes Be The New Way To Travel For Those Who Can Afford It?

Keeping in mind the social distancing measures, overall, many people are now offering the option to opt for a private plane to travel. Not just private airlines, but domestic airline companies too, are now giving you the option to book a private plane to travel  with your close friends and family. In fact, there is a private airline company, that will let you hire a private plane to travel to Goa for ₹70,000.

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Even though the aviation industry is trying to recuperate from the big dip slowly, there has been an increase in number of people who are now booking flight tickets. However, the reason is not for leisure but to return to respective home-towns. But for those who can afford luxury, and would want to keep people at bay and feel safe flying to another destination, private planes might just come to their rescue.