Private Schools In Dubai To Permit Only In-Person Learning From 3 October

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
Private Schools In Dubai To Permit Only In-Person Learning From 3 October

All private schools in Dubai will only permits on-campus learning starting 3 October. All students who wish to continue remote learning after this date must submit a medical certificate from DHA. Classes might then switch to remote learning, if covid positive cases are detected. Read on to know more.

Dubai Announces Gradual Return To Full In-Person Learning In Private Schools

In a recent update, it was announced that all private schools in Dubai will only accept on-campus learning from 3 October. Remote learning will be permitted when schools reopen for the new academic year in August. However, after a month this will be replaced by on-campus learning. Besides, Dubai’s Knowledge and Human Development Authority also announced a set of rules to ensure safety when schools reopen for the next academic year.

The Committee also decided to allow schools to conduct various activities in its premises provided it maintains stringent compliance with precautionary measures that ensure the highest levels of health and safety for students and staff. Strict adherence to safety protocols will ensure the success of the full in-person learning model in private schools, the Committee said.

Safety Protocols At Dubai’s Private Schools

Covid Vaccination

Covid vaccination is not compulsory for teachers and students. All teachers who are eligible for vaccination but choose not to take the jab, must submit a covid negative PCR test report every week. It os not mandatory for students to take the PCR tests. The committee also added that about 70% of students and 96% of teachers are already vaccinated.

Buses Will Run At 100% Capacity

All school buses will run at 100% capacity provided they adhere to the safety protocols like wearing facemask at all times and maintaining social distancing.

Extra-Curricular Activities

All extra-curricular activities will resume normally, provided safety protocols are followed. This includes swimming and sports lessons, school trips, excursions and camps, after-hours extra-curricular activities and performances, assemblies and other events at school. Facemask is compulsory for all students over six years of age.