Public And Private Sectors In UAE To Get Paid Leave On New Year’s Day, January 1st 2020!

The year 2019 is ending with a bang here in UAE. We just got the best news ever and decided the celebrations should begin without further ado. Clearly, the whole country agrees. The Federal Authority for Human Resources just made our day with one little announcement. New year day will be a holiday for all public and private sector employees. We can finally let our hair down and forget about everything else for a real celebration on New Year’s Eve.

What is it

The whole of UAE is rejoicing. Unwrap your Christmas presents! We are going on leave. This is the best Christmas and new year gift we could ask for. Keep your jewels, the most precious thing to us is our time. The government knows this too because they have given us citizens the only thing Santa couldn’t bring. All of the riches in the world can’t make up for the time hard working citizens spend away from their families to keep our homes running. We deserve to start a new year at home with the ones we love. Working on January 1st is a pain like no other. We are so glad we don’t have to go through it.

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new year's eve

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What’s more

Did we mention this is paid leave? That’s right. Private and public sector employees are getting paid leave on the 1st day of the new decade. The whole world flocks to Dubai for a crazy New Year’s Eve but, this year it’ll be the locals partying all night. The Cabinet also announced other holidays for UAE including a three-day break Eid Al Fitr. New Hirji Year is expected to fall on August 23, a Sunday making for a three-day weekend for most people. The decade is ending and with all the mad events that happened, we really need a grand celebration. This decade gave us a lot, now it’s time to bid farewell packing our emotions of 10 years in one night.

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The ending should be just as fun as the journey, otherwise we’ll have to party twice for closure. Don’t worry, the State got our backs. We can party all night and all day in a fashion fitting for the end of an era!

Vidisha Khaitan
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