Public Transport In Berlin Is Now Free For School Children

by Madhusree Chatragadda
Public Transport In Berlin Is Now Free For School Children

If you’re a student, you know how hard travel can be when going to school. It’s a rare occurrence, school being super close but for most of us, travelling a good amount of time to get to school and then back home is a reality that cannot be ignored. And taking a good initiative to ease the lives of such students, the city of Berlin has made public transport absolutely free for all school-going children!

Why Free Transport For School Kids?

The end goal of introducing free public transport for school going children in Berlin is to be able to help their families by cutting down travel expenses. How thoughtful we say!

Credits: The Local Germany

The move has been made to also encourage more and more people as well as students to avail the use of public transport for all their travel needs.

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Who All Get A Free Pass?

6 years old and above-aged students are eligible to take a ride on public transport for free. Going to school is going to be so much more hassle-free for these kids now!

Credits: New Britain Berlin YMCA


To obtain this free pass, the eligible kids are to apply online. The registration process will be complete once they get a ‘Schülerticket’. This will ensure their free ride which is applicable to all modes of public transport like Buses, Trams and the U-Bahn and S-Bahn trains as well.

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What’s More?

There has also been cutting of costs for the ticket prices of apprentices in Berlin. The tickets are now cheaper encouraging more apprentice participation in the usage of public transport as well.

What We Think?

All we gotta say now is, are you listening, India? We could do with some free transport for our school children as well who spend hours on foot even to get to school. And this very requirement makes many drop out of school in the first place. Such an incentive could really help increase the number of children in schools and maintain those numbers as well. What say?

Credits: LSE Blogs

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