Pune Airport To Get Sanitary Pads, Vending Machine & More Upgrades

by Kritika Kukreja
Pune Airport To Get Sanitary Pads, Vending Machine & More Upgrades

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Pune’s Lohegaon Airport is all set for an upgrade to make it more clean and hygienic. 

What Is It?

Pune’s Lohegaon airport is all geared up to become hygienic for the guests. Nearly 11,000 passengers fly through Lohegaon airport each day and the authorities are in the process of installing vending machines that give out sanitary napkins in washrooms. This was implemented at Rajkot airport and now this facility will be introduced at Pune as well. 

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What Do We Know?

Currently the airport is undergoing a renovation and upgrades are being made to keep in mind the cleanliness factor at airports. All toilets and washrooms at the airport are being renovated to make them more user-friendly and hygienic. Along with introducing the sanitary pads vending machine, two new toilets/bathrooms are being built near the arrival area. 

What Else?

Keeping another major in mind, authorities have also decided to fine against littering at the airport. A fine of ₹2000 will be charged for people who aren’t dumping their paper cups, or food wrappers in the dust bins. Trash bins have been installed at proper areas of the airport, hence maintaining the cleanliness of the airport now becomes a priority. 

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