Pune Airport To Get Facial Recognition Soon

by Kritika Kukreja
Pune Airport To Get Facial Recognition Soon

Under 140 Characters

Pune is one of the airports in India that is running the trial facial recognition on passengers to seamless pass through security and check-ins at the airport.

What Is It?

By 2019, Pune airport is planning to launch a facial recognition software to get through security and board the flight seamlessly. It’s definitely going to save some time and on top of that, it’s an environment-friendly way to travel without waste of paper. Currently, the software is on a trial basis as the camera, equipment and installation is still in beta stage but the work is in progress so they’re aiming to launch it by January 2019.

How Is It Easier?

Starting from 2019, Pune Airport will be the first to use the biometric technology for facial recognitionwhich will be used to verify passenger details. Passengers’ Aadhar number and mobile phone will be used to allow entry inside the airport, and for boarding the flight.The technology will be used to identify passenger’s face while they move across the airport and it will prevent the need of showing the physical documents like a boarding pass and other ID cards repeatedly.

This will ensure a seamless travel journey for the passengers without any hassles of waiting in long queues or registration procedures. BIAL will use the technology by Portuguese company Vision Box, and the contract for the same was signed in Lisbon, Portugal. Pune airport will be the spotlight as the modern world gateway to India, and this will be the first end-to-end face recognition-based walkthrough experience in Asia and the largest in the world.

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