Pune Police To Issue Digital Passes For Those Who Want To Move Out Of Their Homes Amid Lockdown

by Sanjana Shenoy
Pune Police To Issue Digital Passes For Those Who Want To Move Out Of Their Homes Amid Lockdown

In India, Maharashtra is the worst-hit state due to the coronavirus pandemic. The state has 2,67,665 positive cases and  10,695 fatalities as of July 14. Thus, the state government is doing their best when it comes to restricting as much movement as possible. Pune imposed a strict lockdown from July 14 to July 23 to contain the spread of infection. During this lockdown, the Pune police will only permit people with digital passes to move out of their homes. The city police will issue these passes through its web-portal as per the guidelines in PMC lockdown order. A robot was earlier deployed to screen passengers for coronavirus at Pune’s railway station. 

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Pune Police To Issue Digital Passes To Allow People To Step Out Of Their Homes

Pune Police have issued permits. And only people with the required documents can step out of their homes. Employees of IT and industrial units can also easily access these permits. The HR heads will issue them vehicle passes and send their details to the police through the organisation. Earlier, a Pune man got a face mask worth ₹2.89 lakhs

In view of the July 14 to July 23 lockdown in Pune, the city police will also issue permits via their web portal. Speaking to Pune Mirror, the Deputy Commissioner of Police (Crime Branch) said, “Pune city police will give digital passes through its web portal (www.punepolice.in) as per guidelines in the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) lockdown order. The SEVA cell is facilitating the whole process. People will be issued a pass for emergency travel only.” Pune Police also tweeted about the new guidelines during the lockdown from July 14 to July 23.

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Pune Police Take Help From Different Organizations To Facilitate Pass Approvals

As for the IT employees, he mentioned that the Pune Police are taking help from different organisations like MCCIA, SEAP, Nasscom, CREDAI and NAREDCO from whom the number of requests will be substantial for facilitating the passes approvals. The objective is to smoothly facilitate the passes for efficiency by coordinating with the above organisations. One representative of each of these organisations have been given web access so that they can approve company-related access.

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The DCP further mentioned “Those IT companies who are not members of any associations can email their requests in the given format, after applying on the web portal:
Name- Designation- Mobile Number – Token Number and share with punecitypolice.grivance@gmail.com.”

Citizens In Pune Must Follow Lockdown Guidelines From July 14 To 23

The DCP stressed on the fact that the MC has used a list of permitted and not permitted categories and people should adhere to them. He urged everyone to follow the dictates and stay indoors. He also stressed on the fact that police personnel will continue to monitor the situation and enforce the law. Pune also reopened its salons for the public recently. But until life resumes to normal, you can explore Pune through this beautiful virtual tour below.