Indian Railways Converts Over 3816 Trains Coaches As Covid Care Coaches

pune railways
by Sanjana Shenoy
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The second wave of coronavirus has hit India, and with this, there’s a severe shortage of beds. Mumbai’s famed Lilavati Hospital converted its lobby into a Covid ward. Moreover, two 5-star hotels, the Trident in BKC and InterContinental Hotel at Marine Drive can admit non-critical Covid patients to tackle the shortage of beds. Just like Mumbai, Pune also faces an acute shortage of Covid beds. The Pune railway division shall give 50 train coaches as isolation wards to combat the rising Covid cases in Maharashtra. Here’s everything you should know. Moreover, Indian Railways has converted 5601 train coaches as Covid Care Centres. Currently, 3816 coaches are available for use as Covid Care Coaches.

Railways Offer 3816 Covid Care Coaches To Patients

In order to address, the tight bed crunch in hospitals, Indian Railways has converted 5601 train coaches as Covid care coaches. The Railway Ministry released a statement stating, “Total 5601 train coaches were converted as Covid Care Centers by Indian Railway. Presently, total 3816 Coaches are available for the use as Covid Care Coaches. The Coaches can be used for very mild cases that can be clinically assigned to the Covid Care centers as per guidelines issued by MoHFW. These covid care coaches is being deployed as per demand by State Government.”

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Pune Covid Patients Can Soon Isolate In Train Coaches

According to a Hindustan Times report, Pune Railway Division shall provide railway coaches as isolation cabins to tackle the rising Covid cases in the city. The Railways can then convert 50 coaches into isolation wards, equipped with a total of 450 beds. Last year in April, the Railways transformed 60 coaches with a capacity of 1080 beds into isolation cabins. These isolation wards were fitted with ventilators to cater to the needs of the patients and make up for the shortage of beds.

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pune railways

Picture Credits: The Indian Express/ Amit Mehra

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Empty Train Coaches To Be Converted Into Isolation Wards

Manoj Jhawar, Pune railway division’s spokesperson stated to The Hindustan Times, “We all know about the critical situation in Pune district due to the increasing number of Covid cases and serious patients who need oxygen and other facilities. To help the local administration, we are fully prepared and will provide isolation coaches whenever required. Once we get an official request from the district administration, within four to five days these coaches will be ready.” To put this plan into action, the railways will use non-AC sleeper coaches. One toilet will be converted into a bathing room. Bottle holders shall hold medical equipment. And middle berths will be removed for extra assistance. Meanwhile, here are 7 luxury trains in India that you must ad to your wishlist. 

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