Pune’s Answer To Mohd Ali Road During Ramadan Is Kausar Baug

by Farheen B
Pune’s Answer To Mohd Ali Road During Ramadan Is Kausar Baug

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The charm of Ramzan’s culinary treat is greatest when experienced on street corners. So, lets head to Kausar Baug and check out the banquet of traditional Muslim delicacies on offer.

Three Food Joints You Must Try At Kausar Baug In Pune:

The mood is bright and festive and the heaps of food are bound to make your mouth water. Popular snacks like Chicken Cutlets and Samosas are hot selling at almost all the stalls. But here are the other food joints that are an absolute must try!

  1. Sharif Caterers

    Try the mutton rolls, spicy mutton cooked on coal, rolled and fried in a roti and served with green chutney – you are bound to forget all your worries with just one bite! The seekh or kaleji which can be had with paratha is equally good. Also if you are still craving for some meat, try the Chicken Afghani, marinated in hung curd and spices and cooked to perfection on the tandoor.

    2. R C Kitchen

    Serving a whole array of kebabs, naans, biryanis and even Raan, RC Kitchen comes with adequate seating and a separate section for those following Ramzan. When there, don’t miss their Firnis & Malpua.

    Image Courtesy: R C Kitchen Facebook page

3. AB Caterers

This one is popular for their Hyderabadi Haleem, the mix of wheat lentils and mutton slow cooked to a porridge like consistency. It’s a very filling dish and can be had as a meal in itself! For deserts, they also have an authentic Hyderabadi Khubani-ka-meetha, a desert made from dried apricots soaked overnight and cooked till they reach a thick paste, served with cream, ice-cream or topped with chopped dry fruits.

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What Else?

Most eateries start serving food post the sunset-meal Iftar and are open till the dawn-meal Sehri. A few do accept credit/debit cards. The food is traditional and heavy so its best to fast all day if you want to enjoy your meal to the fullest! Happy Iftari!!

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