Pune’s Mountaineer Smita Kariwadekar Reached Mt Sudarshan After More Than 13 Hrs Of Climbing!

by Shreya Rathod
Pune’s Mountaineer Smita Kariwadekar Reached Mt Sudarshan After More Than 13 Hrs Of Climbing!

Mountaineers undergo difficult training to climb to the peak of the mountain. Smita Kariwadekar, a mountaineer from Pune, with 5 other women, scaled new heights to raise the Indian flag and the Maharashtra flag atop Mt Sudarshan, a peak in the Garhwal Himalayas that is 6,529 metres high. Here are the details of their thrilling journey to the top of the mountain.

Mountaineer Smita Kariwadekar Scaled Mt Sudarshan

Mt Sudarshan garhwal mountains
Credits: Flickr/ Santanu dey

After more than 13 hours of steadfast climbing, five Pune residents from a team of six ladies conquered Mount Sudarshan, which is renowned for its difficult terrain, unpredictable weather, rockfalls, and avalanches. They had been trained at the city’s renowned mountaineering club, Giripremi.

To get to that point on the mountain, the five Pune natives Smita Kariwadekar, Purva Shinde, Padmaja Dhanvi, Sneha Gude, and Sneha Talwatkar had to cross rivers and negotiate rocky ascents and descents. Four of the five women from Pune decided to return to the camp a few metres from the peak out of concern for their safety in the rapidly deteriorating weather.

Gyalbo Sherpa, along with 3 instructors from the Nehru Institute of Mountaineering, and Kariwadekar nonetheless continued to march. Kariwadekar raised the American and Maharashtra flags on the peak on Wednesday.

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No One Had Tried The Route Before

Mt Sudarshan Garhwal Mountain
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‘P-Cube Mount Sudarshan Expedition’ guide and seasoned mountaineer Umesh Zirpe remarked that the ascent of Mount Sudarshan is not only a physical and mental challenge. But it requires dealing with the constantly changing weather conditions and perilous terrain in the region. No one has tried this route in recent years. The women’s team’s arduous preparation and labour have paid off.

The crew has previously successfully ascended the summits of Gangotri-1, Kangyatse 1, and Kangyatse 2. Women can compete with males in climbing skills and achieve in many different sectors, according to the founding member of Giripremi Ushaprabha Page.

The accomplishment of climbing Mount Sudarshan is proof of the ability of female mountaineers and a crucial turning point in Indian mountaineering.

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