Qatar Airways & Google Cloud Partner To Upgrade User Experience With The Power Of AI

Qatar Airways and Google
by Deeplata Garde

We all know how AI Power is taking over globally. It is not just power but magic in itself. So “World’s Best Airways” has decided to use it to enhance their efficiency. We are talking about Qatar Airways and Google Cloud’s partnership. This collaboration is going to build a superior customer experience for the airways. Let’s find out how the system works.

Qatar Airways & Google Cloud Partnership


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Qatar Airways overall, has helped 18.5 million passengers fly across to 150 locations across the world in 2022. The airline’s digital transformation unit acquires a significant share of structured and unstructured data. This will affect the result of the high passenger flow.

The objective of this significant partnership with Google Cloud is basically to utilize Google’s data analytics, AI, machine learning (ML) product and more. This will help give Qatar Airways’ customer data a deeper meaning. The airline aims to have an enhanced travel experience for its customers by offering services that are custom-made to their specific requirements, travel patterns, and previous travel experiences.

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How Will Qatar Airways Benefit From This Partnership?


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Through the usage of Google Cloud, the airlines is able to provide passengers with enhanced travel experiences, including individualised travel choices as well as ideas that make it seem as though they have a specialised travel agent who is aware of their unique needs.

We know how the element of sustainability is a high focus on the airline’s roadmap for digital transformation, and Qatar Airlines is considering employing Google Cloud, the most environmentally friendly cloud in the market, to launch fresh initiatives that will help the airline reach its sustainability targets by 2030.

According to Qatar Airways CIO, with its internationally acclaimed and award-winning customer service, a widely regarded leader in the aviation industry has consistently set the bar high. As we increasingly aim to use both structured and unstructured data to personalise consumer and employee experience, Google Cloud gives us the chance to build flexibility and scalability on demand.

We hope we get to experience the enhanced system of Qatar Airways soon.

Cover Image Courtesy: Qatar Airways