Qatar Lifts Quarantine Requirements To Welcome Tourists For FIFA World Cup 2022

by Sanmita A
Qatar Lifts Quarantine Requirements To Welcome Tourists For FIFA World Cup 2022

Qatar is hosting the FIFA World Cup 2022 in November, which only means that a lot will change and come up in Qatar. The World Cup will officially begin in November. Qatar has, therefore, removed the quarantine mandate for visitors to the country. A lot is being done, keeping in mind the ease for World Cup visitors. Below are all the new updates regarding Qatar hosting FIFA World Cup 2022 –

Qatar Eases Quarantine Rules As FIFA World Cup 2022 Nears

Qatar is looking forward to easing the process of travel to the country. As per media reports, Qatar is one of the first Arab countries to host the World Cup. Therefore, Qatar is already prepping for the games. Also, it has recently revoked the quarantine rules for travellers to Qatar. This means that people travelling to Qatar no longer have to quarantine themselves. The new rules are set in from September 4 onwards. However, Qatar authorities will still require people to take the pre-departure and pre-arrival Covid-19 tests.

The visitors still need to take the RAT tests within 48 hours of arrival into the country.


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When Do The Games Begin?

FIFA is scheduled for November this year. And a large number of tourists is expected to enter the country. Therefore, the quarantine mandate has been removed at the right time, considering the time of the game. The dates are November 20 – December 18 2022. And, we can already imagine the scale of the event this game is. As a result, a few significant changes have been made to drink and commute in Qatar. Qatar does not allow beer and alcohol in the country; however, it might still be available for stadium fans. Additional seven stadiums are being built to host the world cup matches. Washington Independent also reports that this is the first world cup to be held in winter.

Considering there is a lot of first time in this World Cup, time will only tell how big of a success this edition of FIFA World Cup 2022 turns out to be.

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