Qatar To Host One Of The World’s Largest Congregations Of Whale Sharks. Bookings Are Open!

by Anupriya Mishra
Qatar To Host One Of The World’s Largest Congregations Of Whale Sharks. Bookings Are Open!

Let’s be honest, the underwater world is often riddled with mysteries that continue to plague us. However, it’s also home to some of the most fascinating creatures and the aquatic life is absolutely awe-inspiring. As it happens, whale sharks are also some of these sea creatures that leave people in wonder with their majestic size. And if you also wish to get up and close with these slow-moving fish species (safely, of course), then this article is just for you. We are here to tell you about an upcoming experience that will let you get up and close with whale sharks in Qatar.

Early Bookings For Whale Sharks Of Qatar Tours Open

As mentioned above, you can partake in this once-in-a-lifetime experience, which is being brought to you by Discover Qatar. If aquatic animals fascinate you, then you will definitely love this opportunity to get up and close to whale sharks in Qatar. As it happens, it is home to one of the largest whale shark congregations on earth and anyone who is enthusiastic about the sea life, shouldn’t give it a miss. It’s worth mentioning that the sailings will happen between May 18 and August 31, and bookings are already open for Whale Sharks of Qatar tours. Moreover, tickets begin for as low as QAR907 with a discount of 50% for children!

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What Can You Expect From The Tour?

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There are two options for this tour available. One is a daily explorer option, which is basically an adventurous and educational one-day whale shark voyage on a high-speed catamaran. It has a capacity for 40 guests and includes an interactive whale shark lecture, breakfast, sandwich buffet lunch & snacks, and of course whale shark watching from the viewing deck.
While the next option is a more luxurious one with a private vessel, which has a capacity for a maximum of 16 people and allows people to see whale sharks from the yacht. There are also glass-bottomed kayaks available and an interactive where shark lecture for those who want to know more about these fish species.

So, if you also wish to indulge in this once-in-a-lifetime experience, then don’t forget to book your spot online.

Cover Image Courtesy: Twitter/VisitQatar