R Madhavan: Travelling For Me Does Not Mean Going To A Place For Two Days, That’s Punishment

by Suchismita Pal
R Madhavan: Travelling For Me Does Not Mean Going To A Place For Two Days, That’s Punishment

From Maddy in Rehnaa Hai Terre Dil Mein to Farhan in 3 Idiots, R Madhavan has taken us through a rigmarole of emotions with his charming presence in many Hindi and South Indian flicks. Belonging to a family with a white-collar job background, R Madhavan chose to follow his dreams, much like 3 Idiots‘ Farhan. The actor had spent a major part of his childhood in Jamshedpur, which he said  ‘gave him the best of both worlds’. He would play Gilli danda with the children on the street and at the same time live a very sophisticated lifestyle brought in by the Tatas, computers and more. Madhavan had a candid conversation with our CTO Kamiya Jani over some delectable Chinese and South Indian food, joined by his Decoupled co-star Surveen Chawla.

R MadhavanMadhavan Introduced Us To The South Indian Dish Vatha Kuzhambu

Madhavan has his roots in South India and he prefers rasam over dal makhani. What’s more, while enjoying Tamil dishes ordered from The Tanjore Tiffin Room, Mumbai, he introduced us to a unique dish of the south known as Vatha Kuzhambu ( pronounced Vathakhorumb), which in his words, ‘is like sambar with an overload of spices in it.” He added that the dish hovers somewhere between a mild pickle and a sambar. Also, a bowl of humble curd rice is the anytime ‘go-to’ dish of the actor. One surprising fact that Madhavan and Surveen revealed about themselves is that both of them find doing dishes after meals therapeutic. The duo also enjoyed Chinese dishes from Royal China.


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Madhavan Likes To Meet People While On Travel

Surveen Chawla said that that she loves to travel and some of her favourite places are London, South Africa and New Zealand. She added that she had visited New Zealand only for a week but wants to explore more of it. Surveen said that something that tops her bucket list is a cruise to Antarctica. Madhavan said that he had visited the countries mentioned by Surveen and he had a cruise experience too, not in Antarctica but Alaska. And Alaskan cruise comes pretty close to Antarctica.


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Madhavan said, “Travelling for me does not mean going to a place for two days. That is not travel, that is punishment. If I have to go to Switzerland, I won’t go to the tourist spots. I will go and stay in a small village for two weeks. That has been my idea of exploration, meeting people, being with nature a little bit.” Surveen likes to walk, have great food and stay in places with great views while on travel.

Meanwhile, Depouled starring Madhavan and Surveen in the lead roles is now streaming on Netflix.