Raffles Dubai Does The Most Expensive Facial In The World With 24-Karat Gold

by Kritika Kukreja
Raffles Dubai Does The Most Expensive Facial In The World With 24-Karat Gold

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The Egyptian Gold facial at Raffles Dubai hotel spa uses 24 karat gold in their facial making it the most expensive facial in the world.

What Is It? 

How much do you pay for your facials? 30 AED? or maybe 50 AED or a max of 100 AED? What if we told you that there’s a facial in Dubai that costs a whopping 2450 AED? Oh, and it uses real gold!

If you thought Dubai is the land of the royals, you’re correct. It starts with a regular facial where you have to undergo the cleansing and exfoliating your skin before the actual gold treatment begins. Using a serum of ions and an ultrasonic device, the gold peel is applied to the skin. But beware, you’re supposed to lie ultra still so that not even a molecule of the peel falls off. Then the spa therapist will be using expert hands to massage the gold peel and it will be absorbed into your skin. 

Yes, there’s no need to wash off the remnants because your skin actually absorbs the gold used in this facial.

gold facial
24-karat Egyptian gold facial at Raffles Dubai

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What Is It Used For?

Gold is an exceptional ingredient in keeping young and healthy looking skin. It is used to treat blemishes, wrinkles, skin allergies, dark circles, pigmentation and maintaining the glow of the skin. 

What Else?

Saudi women tend to book appointments for the gold facial around twice or thrice a month. It is definitely a mark of wealth among the sheikhs of Dubai. But usually, the people who sign up for the gold facial wish to ‘glow’ for a certain occasion like their weddings or birthdays.

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gold facial
Raffles Dubai


Where: 13th Street, Sheikh Rashid Rd, Wafi city – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Phone: +971 4 324 8888
Approx cost: 2450 AED or $650 or ₹42,400

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