Rahul Gandhi Is Careful About What He Eats & Follows A Strict Diet | Curly Tales

by Ananya Singh
Rahul Gandhi Is Careful About What He Eats & Follows A Strict Diet | Curly Tales

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi is currently on the Bharat Jodo Yatra to cover India on foot from Kanyakumari to Kashmir. In conversation with Curly Tales, our Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani, asks the Wayanad MP about his food preferences. He has taken centre stage across the country, owing to his fitness levels. However, before his demanding schedule and busy meetings, one cannot help but wonder what could be his dietary routine. What does Rahul Gandhi eat in a day? Let’s see the food preferences of Rahul Gandhi and his favourite items.

What Does Rahul Gandhi Eat In A Day?

The national president of Congress tells us how he maintains a strict diet and eats homemade food while at home. Also, Rahul Gandhi maintains a rigorous and regular workout schedule. He often eats homemade food. He likes to have mixed pulses, green vegetables, chapatis and curd for lunch. Who doesn’t love some good Indian food?

Rahul Gandhi tells us he eats light, modestly continental food at night. Though he avoids eating junk, he is not a picky eater on tours. Instead, Rahul Gandhi loves to try different cuisines and eat whatever is available in the area. 

Apart from this, the Congress MP tells us his non-vegetarian food preferences are chicken, mutton and seafood. He is quite the connoisseur, for his love for food doesn’t end here. He loves trying new food items from different regions, except kathal and matar (jackfruit and peas). Although he found Telangana food spicy, he relished whatever was on his plate. Did you know that he is an ice cream fan too?

Sunday Dinner With Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi
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Rahul Gandhi is known for his Delhiite preferences. He tells us how he used to go to Old Delhi. Now his staple is Moti Mahal. He also loves to eat from Sagar, Suhagan and Saravana Bhawan. Can you believe the politician also played a 5-seconds rapid fire with us? When asked about roti or rice, he says he prefers neither as he avoids carbohydrates. But occasionally, he can have roti if needed. Among tea and coffee, he says, “Coffee in the morning and if I am drinking it, tea in the evening, but normally I have coffee in the morning.” 

What are Rahul Gandhi’s three favourite food items? They are chicken tikka, seekh kebab and a good omellete. When asked about his favourite food, he says he likes to explore but prefers tandoori cuisines. He spoke openly with Kamiya Jani about cooking, travel, marriage plans, his first job, and other aspects of his life while taking a break from his busy schedule in the ongoing Bharat Jodo Yatra.

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