Railways Share Future Look Of New Delhi Railway Station And It Looks Stunning

by Shreya Ghosh
Railways Share Future Look Of New Delhi Railway Station And It Looks Stunning

Indian railways are bringing new exciting features and advancements for a smooth experience for the passengers. And this time, everyone is very surprised with the proposed futuristic design of the New Delhi railway station after redevelopment. The Ministry of Railways uploaded the designs of how the station will look in the future on their official Twitter handle on Saturday and it is getting a lot of mixed reviews from Twitter users.

Railways Shared Future Looks Of New Delhi Railway Station

The pictures shared by the Ministry of Railways show a very advanced railway station constructed with two dome-shaped structures with a glass roof and flyovers and skywalks for efficient connectivity. And the design also has a foot overbridge to reach the platforms. The most futuristic part of the plan is the 40-storey twin tower with multi-level car parking, and pick-up and drop zones. Ministry of Railways captioned the proposed design as ‘Marking a New Era’.

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The twin tower of this futuristic design of the New Delhi railway station will feature offices, hotels, and shops as well. In fact, the humongous space will have a space of 45,000 square metres to construct an office for the railways. According to the plan, 91 bus bays and 1,500 ECS parking are also a part of it.

Netizens Have So Many Mixed Reactions!

Shared on 3 September, the design has over 43K likes with different comments and reactions from Twitter users. While some are very impressed with how outstanding and stunning the model looks, on the other hand, some think that it is quite unrealistic. Many users think that railways are focusing more on appearances and look rather than working on train delays and accidents. Some users commented how the unbelievable heat of the summer season in the national capital will not sit well with the glass material. The project will need massive space and land and a user wrote how it can be challenging. While some netizens appreciated modern architecture, some thought that a mix of modern and traditional will be better by including Indian culture in the interiors and walls.

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Here’s how everyone reacted: