Rains Continue To Batter Northeast, Assam Floods Worsen, Around 200 Tourists Stranded In Sikkim

by Sanmita A
Rains Continue To Batter Northeast, Assam Floods Worsen, Around 200 Tourists Stranded In Sikkim

Heavy rains lash parts of the Northeast and other parts of India. As per multiple media reports, around 200 tourists were stranded in the hill town of Northeast India. Further, the Indian Meteorological Department has predicted heavy rains for other parts of India like Odisha, Maharashtra, and even a few Southern states. Read on to know more about the worsening condition of rains in India.

Assam & Sikkim Condition Worsens Due To Incessant Rains

Rains Northeast

The heavy rains have damaged the roads that connect Sikkim with the rest of India. The NH-10 which connects to Sikkim has been damaged excessively. As per reports, tourists who were visiting the city have been stranded there. The flood condition in Assam as well has deteriorated. Numbers tell that over 69,750 people have been affected due to the severe rain in the Northeast. The Assam Disaster Management Authority has reported that over five districts in the state are reeling under floods due to the incessant rains.

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As Rainfall Continues, Avoid Travel In These States In The Northeast

rains northeastMany parts of India have been adversely affected by the heavy rain. In Sikkim, tourists and travellers have also been stranded. Therefore, it is best to avoid travelling to certain destinations at the moment. The IMD too has predicted heavy rainfall in certain states. In the South, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka will continue to see a spell of heavy rains. Further, the IMD has also predicted weather disturbances in Punjab, Haryana, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh and Andaman. Additionally, most of the northeastern states too will continue to experience heavy or moderate rainfall in the coming days.

Well, if you have the above states on your visiting list, ensure that you read their rains prediction before you head out on travelling to those destinations, particularly the Northeast.

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