Rajasthan Will Soon Be Getting A ‘Weed Museum’ In Jaipur

by Angel Srivastava
Rajasthan Will Soon Be Getting A ‘Weed Museum’ In Jaipur

News has it that Rajasthan is all set to get ‘Weed Museum’ in Jaipur, and before you get too excited it is not what you think it is. The Weed Museum will have nothing to do with marijuana! The Agricultural Research Institute in Durgapur is setting up a museum for weed, that is the unwanted plants that grow nearby the farmers crops, to help them come understand them better for a better crop yield.

Image Credits: Medicinaljane

What Is It?

While it is not exactly what you thought it to be, the ‘Weed Museum’ will surely be a delight for anyone with an inclination towards the nature, specially botany. This one of it’s kind weed museum will offer an excellent opportunity for the people as well as the farmers to understand this underrated plant.

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Image Credits: Broad Stone Gardening

The idea behind coming up with this museum is to present the preserved sample of over 100 kinds of weeds to the farmers as well as the general public, to help them to be able to identify them and protect their crops.

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What’s More?

The museum will feature around 100 kinds of weed samples on display. These will be placed in herbarium boxes, alongside posters displaying major rabi, kharif, and noxious weeds which mostly grow in Dausa, Tonk, Ajmer and Jaipur. These posters will also be containing all the basic information about the weeds.

Image Credits: Old Farmer’s Almanac

These 100 varieties of words were collected over a period of 1 and a half year, and the preservation of each sample took about 8-9 days. When satisfactory results were obtained they were put for display.

This is important because with the major changes occurring in the climate, newer varities of weeds are taking birth with the crop, which the farmers, and crop yeilders have no idea no idea about. So this museum will help them realise how to work with them. The museum will open up for the public by the end of next month.