Rajasthani Paintings To Jewellery, Shilpgram Is Udaipur’s Best Spot For Budget Shopping

by Sanjana Shenoy
Rajasthani Paintings To Jewellery, Shilpgram Is Udaipur’s Best Spot For Budget Shopping

There’s no fool-proof guarantee to avoid getting ripped off as a tourist. But what if there is one? We have Udaipur’s best-kept secret for budget shopping-Shilpgram. From handmade jewellery, miniature Rajasthani paintings to ceramic figurines, purchase your souvenirs directly from artisans at government-set prices. Let’s give you all the deets.

Shilpgram: Udaipur’s Hidden Gem For Art, Craft & Everything More!

‘Shilpgram’ means ‘village of artisans’.  At Shilpgram Craft Village, you’re welcomed into a community-A community of artisans, performers and artists. Unlike typical markets set up for tourists, Shilpgram isn’t located in the heart of the city. It rather sits in a rural district bordering Fateh Sagar Lake. A sprawling open-air attraction, it’s a village that is set up for the welfare of both its artisans and its tourists.

shilpgram udaipur
Picture Credits: Udaipur Tourism

To enter this world where culture meets commerce,  you’d need to shell out ₹30 per person for Indian adults. And ₹15 per person for kids. Whereas the cost of tickets for foreigners is priced at ₹50 per person. Shipgram welcomes eager tourists between 11 am to 7 pm on all days of the week. Do we have your attention, shopaholics?

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Shop Choicest Rajasthani Souvenirs Directly From Artisans

The best part about shopping at Shilpgram is not just the pocket-friendly prices. It’s the chance to closely interact with the artists behind the spellbinding creations. A second-generation Rajasthani artist takes you through his most beautiful Rajput paintings. Paint brushes made from squirrel hair, natural dyes, and a nail-painting demo (for ₹100) will leave you awestruck. Take home the most exquisite Rajasthani paintings starting from just ₹800.

shilpgram udaipurApart from paintings, you can shop for hand-woven mats, embroidered clothing, hand-painted jewellery, terracotta and more. Think stunning jhumkas that pair well with your finest ethnic wear or the statement-piece oxidised necklace.  You don’t have to bother haggling as the prices are regulated by the government. Hallelujah!

shilpgram udaipur

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Take A Camel Ride To Explore The Rural Village

Surrounded by huts showcasing the rural lives of different villages of India, Shilpgram promotes ‘Unity in Diversity’. You’ll come across 26 huts from Rajasthan, Nagaland, Goa, Karnataka, Gujarat and more. For authenticity, the huts are built using mud and natural material. If touring the large rural village on a sunny day tires you out, just hitch a camel ride! Priced at ₹50 per person, you can get a camel’s eye view of the crafts village.

shilpgram udaipur

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Shilpgram: A Melting Pot Of Rajasthani Culture

How can a quintessential Rajasthani experience be devoid of folk dance and song? Shilpgram ensures you have pockets of folk dance performances along the way. Dressed in the finest ghagras and jewels, the dancers engage you in fun performances. Twirl, clap and shake your hips to the beats of live music. Let Rajasthani folk singers at Shilpgram serenade you with their renditions of classics like ‘Laal Meri Pat’, ‘Chaudhary’ and more.

shilpgram udaipurA melting pot of culture, tradition and art awaits you at Shilpgram. While you’d visit the rural crafts village for its budget-friendly souvenirs, you’d leave with a culturally-enriched experience and a jhola full of memories.

Cover Image Courtesy: Pixabay and Sanjana Shenoy