Rana Daggubati Weighed 112 Kg While Shooting For Baahubali. Here’s How He Bulked Up

by Mallika Khurana
Rana Daggubati Weighed 112 Kg While Shooting For Baahubali. Here’s How He Bulked Up

Gone are the days when the South Indian movie industry lacked lustre and popularity. With massive hits like Kantara, RRR, and, of course, Bahubali, the entire nation witnessed the talent of South-Indian cinema. Today, their hard work and talent are widely recognised, even at the Oscars. Two superstars from this industry, Rana Daggubati and Venkatesh Daggubati, joined our Editor-in-Chief for an amazing Sunday Brunch episode, and you mustn’t miss it!

This Is How Much Rana Daggubati Weighed During Bahubali

Rana’s physique has changed significantly since Bahubali, and this needed to be addressed. He joked that he left Bhallaldeva in Mahishmati when asked how this drastic change occurred. He added that, after losing all that extra weight, he now feels like a normal person.

Rana Daggubati worked on gaining weight for more than 5 years, reaching a maximum weight of 112 kg. Additionally, he revealed that he did not eat everything mindlessly. Instead, he concentrated on increasing his protein intake and doing intense weightlifting. The intensity of those years must have been beyond our comprehension, but it is obvious that the effort was worthwhile.

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Daggubati Family Never Thought He Will Become An Actor

Rana Daggubati
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It was fun to talk about everything, whether it was their passion for food or their work in the industry. We were interested in learning how each of them became actors and whether or not that was something they had always aspired to do. The business has always been the focus for Venkatesh. 

He claimed that fame or glamour were not his motivations for working in the field. He continues to see it only as a business and nothing more. We also inquired about his nephew and whether he anticipated Rana’s career as an actor. He revealed that no one in the family had anticipated Rana Daggubati’s career as an actor.

He was a shy youngster who loved movies and his toys. Rana quietly pursued his interests despite having a passion for movies. He revealed that although Rana excelled at special effects and became a producer at a young age, the decision to become an actor caught everyone off guard. 

It all turned out for good, didn’t it? Head to the full video to learn more about the interesting revelations they made.

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