Rap, Theatre, Exhibits, Film & More! Mumbaikars, Govandi Arts Festival Is Happening This Feb

by Mallika Khurana
Rap, Theatre, Exhibits, Film & More! Mumbaikars, Govandi Arts Festival Is Happening This Feb

In Mumbai’s impoverished Govandi neighbourhood, the Govandi Arts Festival celebrates art and culture. The Community Design Agency and the citizens of Natwar Parekh Colony have been working together for a long time before the Govandi Arts Festival was born.

In February 2023, it will come to a close with a concurrent community-led arts festival in Mumbai. The endeavour is a part of “India/UK Together, a Season of Culture” by the British Council.

Govandi Arts Festival Is Coming In February

Govandi Arts Festival
Photo Credits: Press Release

The Festival is a youth-driven initiative that will be present in Natwar Parekh Compound’s streets from February 15 to 19. It is both a celebration of the neighbourhood’s spirit and a tacit form of protest.

The event’s goal is to address issues facing the marginalised that revolve around expression, joy, and celebration without romanticising their actual experiences. It will showcase the skills of upcoming Govandi artists.  They have been receiving guidance from seasoned performers in the fields of music, acting, film, photography, and theatre. Niharika Lyra Dutt, an actress, Sanskar Sawant, a director and an illustrator, Tejinder Singh Khamka, a photographer, are a few of the mentors mentioned.

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The Festival Will Celebrate The Spirit

The festival’s founders are organising it with a desire to draw attention to “the creative resistance that thrives in the hearts of people” in Govandi. The best illustrations of this creative resistance are provided by artists like local rapper-filmmaker Moin Khan. His most popular song “Haq Se Govandi” loosely translates to “Govandi, My Pride.” 

The events and activities scheduled include art exhibitions, movie screenings, musical performances, panel discussions, walks, and workshops. A lantern parade is being planned as part of the occasion by the UK-based artists’ organisation Lamplighter Arts and its partners. 

CDA wants the festival to take place every two years and to serve as an example for other neighbourhoods that might want to use the same format.

Cover Image Courtesy: Press Release