10 Reasons Why You Must Travel With Your Sister Atleast Once

by Nainisha Mehta
10 Reasons Why You Must Travel With Your Sister Atleast Once

Who remembers the infinite trips you’ve had with your family? When everyone’s vacationing, you and your sibling have a little adventure of your own. Sibling rivalry, back-seat squabbles, hair-pulling or not – sisters make the best travel companions. Now imagine taking this same secret adventure and living it all out as adults! Don’t think that’s a great idea? Well, these 10 reasons will tell you exactly why a sisters-trip should be on your list. Call your better-half, it’s time to travel the world! 

1. Your Parents Won’t Be Going Cray, While You And Your Sister Are Away!

Your safety is of utmost concern to your parents. Now double up the concern when you mention going on a Euro-trip. Bad idea? Now ask for the same trip but tell them you’re planning it with your sister. Believe me, you’ll actually be able to see some fireworks over your head. Not in a bad way though. Their worries will zero down if they’re assured that you will be travelling with someone who’ve spent all your life with. And if you’re the younger one, it’s cakewalk.

2. A Regular Trip – Four suitcases. Sis-Trip – Two Suitcases.

Your baggage will reduce a sizeable amount when travelling with your sister. That’s the perk of being able to share a wardrobe. You both need gazillion black leggings? Well, how about you split and share. Two nights of parties and four pretty dresses? Nope. Pack two and exchange for different nights! Floral dress or a gold-skirt? Take one and take one from her. You see, the decision-making process is simple.

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3. Split The Bill. Or Not.

Let’s face it. Money management is no child’s play. Now imagine handling financials in a foreign currency. It’s difficult, we know. Moreover, if you’re not travelling with family, how do you keep tab with all your expenditure? “I owe you Rs. 1679”, “I paid for the bus tickets”, “You still have to give me Rs.543” – It’s taxing. But with your sister, what happens in the family, stays in the family. The bargains are pretty simple. “You pay for me and I don’t tell mom about your new boyfriend”. God bless you if you’re the older one. As the certified ATM of the trip, you’ll be losing some moolah!

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4. Comfort Level: MAX

Your friends may have seen your little crazy bits, but we all hold back the crazies in front of non-blood members. Travelling with someone whose face is the first thing in the morning you see can be rewarding in more ways than one. Sisters don’t judge each other. They are biologically programmed to love all parts of you (unless you’re fighting for the same throne). Want to flip your hair back and forth in the middle of a conversation? No judgement. Want to break-out in a song on a bus ride? No judgement. Want to eat spaghetti with your hands? No judgement. Want to throw up after two shots? No judgement. In fact, a no-impress trip will be high on memories and you’ll be able to enjoy your travel time by being totally comfortable around each other.

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5. Opinions Matter. Honest Opinions Matter More.

Blood relations often come with a no holds barred clause. What does that mean for your trip? Let’s say you find a cute hat and want to wear it around for the rest of the day. Your sister will literally show you the mirror and tell you how ridiculous you look. Now your friends may not have this privilege, but it’s a blessing in disguise. Free and honest styling opinions? Keep ’em coming! Better than making a fool of yourself.

6. Hotel Room Secrets = Bedroom Secrets

Travelling with colleagues or friends comes with unspoken rules, like maintaining bedroom decorum. But, if you’ve always shared a room with your sister, you can snore as loud as you want, if you forget to flush the toilet it’s not the end of the world, you can change without carrying 20 things inside the bathroom, you can burp or fart, you can be a complete mess, you can leave all your clothes out of the bag, you don’t have to treat your personal items as weapons of mass destruction and hide them – basically you can do anything your heart wants inside the bedroom because your sister has seen it all. There won’t be any embarrassing encounters and fun is all you’ll have!

7. Same, Same But Different

You can be the type of sisters who disagree with everything or well, the opposite type. Whatever you are, you’ll definitely have a gala time! She wants to go skydiving and you’d prefer a museum tour? Guess what? You’ll be doing both, and that is a great thing. You get to discover the place in and out and do all sorts of activities no matter how different they are! If you’re the opposite type, that’s great too. Because now, you have someone to scream your lungs out with as you fly, or talk about the birth of Renaissance in great depth while seeing paintings. The balance is quite perfect.

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8. The Elsa To Your Anna

Your sister may not have secret magical powers to freeze things, but like Elsa, she will move the earth to protect you. That kind of protection comes handy in strange lands. Spot a pickpocket or creepy drunk guy? You have a human shield for yourself. Younger or older, sisters always look out for each other.

9. Not For Hire – Certified Photographer

Photos are proof that you actually visited the place. No picture in front of the Eifel? Someone may find it hard to believe you went to Paris. And with your sister as your travel-buddy, you have lots of proof! You can be completely shameless and ask her to take millions of pictures of you. 10 different angles in 15 different poses – she knows how’s it’s done. You may not ask others for such generous favours, but your sister is certified to be your personal photographer for the trip. You can return the favours too! And both of you will have tons of pictures to show off on your Instagram.

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10. Lifetime Supply Of Memories

Last but not the least, a holiday with your sister can be the trip of a lifetime. From sharing inside jokes to arguments that resolve in a matter of minutes; from having grown up like the same things to childhood memories – a trip with your sister can be magical and you can strengthen the bond as you go along the way!