5 Reasons Why Siblings Make The Best Travel Buddies

by Sanjana Shenoy
5 Reasons Why Siblings Make The Best Travel Buddies

Whether you travel local or international, travelling with the right partners is as essential as carrying your documents. A good tour can get bitter if you don’t have compatibility with your travel partners. Think about it, there are so many concerns when it comes to travelling: money, places to visit, experiences etc.  During this time, instead of searching for the best travel buddy, why not look closer home? Yes, travelling with your siblings can be a blessing in so many different ways. If you’ve gone for trips with your siblings, you exactly what we’re talking about. And if you haven’t then let’s tell you why it’s an amazing idea. So, here’s a list of the 5 reasons why siblings make the best travel buddies after all research says bonding with your sibling can make you a better person. 

1. You Can Connect With Your Siblings On A Deeper Level

Travelling provides a unique opportunity to learn more about yourself, your limits, and how you can navigate life under different social structures, cultures, languages, etc. So, when you travel with your siblings, you also get to learn more about them. Travel will definitely help you bond and connect with your siblings on a deeper level. From their likes, dislikes to their personality, you’ll know and understand each other inside out.  To be fair, it’s a privilege to be able to travel with your siblings solely for this point and this moment. When it comes to siblings here’s a cute rakshabandhan video for you that will surely melt your hearts and give you more reasons to travel with your sibling. 

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2. Money Concerns Are A Thing Of The Past

There are apps now so that we don’t have to deal with the mess ourselves, but nevertheless, splitting expenses can be an awkward conversation. How many times have you faced such awkward money-related situations with your friends?  The answer is countless! But when you travel with your siblings, this topic can become easy. If one of you owes the other money, you know you can feel comfortable enough to let them know. Any way you spin it, talking about money and expenses can be a lot easier with siblings. Most of the time, it all comes back home!

travel with siblings

3. Always Carry Your Home With You

Solo trips, romantic trips, vacation with buddies are all great. But travelling with your siblings has a special place. At its core, you are travelling with your family. The ones you have grown up with, the ones you share a familial bond with but also with people that know you and have known you for the entirety of each other’s lives. You know each other better than anyone else; the good and bad. It’s an amazing feeling to know that your travel companions have seen you through the ups and the downs, and love you either way. So when you travel with your siblings, all expectations or pressures to be a certain way are out the window. Also, it is like you’re carrying a little piece of home with you. And this can take your travel experience on a whole different level of fun and comfort.

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4. Follow Similar Itineraries

We often travel to a destination with a particular place in mind. Something that, symbolises the cumulative feeling of that place. That can be pretty hard to agree upon with a friend or partner at times. But with siblings, you have one thing to rely upon. Genes. There is a high chance that what you will like, your sibling too will have a similar choice.  And chances are you will get to live your dream and make some new memories too!  But if you love beaches and your sibling prefers mountains, then you guys can either agree to disagree or perhaps find the perfect destination where you can get the best of both worlds. So put on your genes, sorry jeans and plan your trips already! Here’s a fun itinerary to South Korea that you can plan with your sibling. 

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5. You Learn More About Each Other

The only constant in life is, change. And that’s a fact. Nobody remains the same. Life has a way of rearranging our pieces. And travel can be a good way to bond with your siblings and catch up with what’s happening in their lives. You may be surprised to know that, even if you stay under the same roof, it can be tough to know the intricacies of the person you are living with. Thus, travelling offers a clean slate upon which you can come closer with your loved ones. To strengthen your bond with siblings you can walk down the memory lane by visiting the beaches or destinations that you travelled to as a child. Relive your childhood memories, make new ones and get to know each other better. Isn’t this what life is all about!

travel with siblings

So these are 5 reasons why siblings make the best travel buddies ever! If you haven’t travelled with your sibling, then you must add this experience to your wish list. If you have, then why not make more memories?