Rediscover The Lesser-Known Jewish Cuisine In Mumbai With These Dishes

by Sushmita Mahanta
Rediscover The Lesser-Known Jewish Cuisine In Mumbai With These Dishes

India’s diversity consists of communities that share different religions, faiths, and languages. But did you know India also has a very small population of Jewish people? Not many of you must be aware but there’s a small community of Jewish people of Israel who travelled to Mumbai. And now the city is home to over 4000 Bene Israel Jews. And there’s something unique about the food habits of these people. The Jews mostly follow only Kashrut aka Kosher which is a strict Jewish dietary law. And their cuisines are only made up of all sorts of Kosher labeled ingredients. So here is a list of 5 dishes to help you rediscover the lesser-known Jewish Cuisine in Mumbai.

1. Jewish Coconut Kadhi

This one is pretty simple. It’s your normal Gujarati kadhi with Phodni with a mix of spices. But the main part is the yogurt. In this dish, the yogurt is substituted with coconut milk to follow Kashrut dietary law. Jewish Kadhi is the most popular Jewish Cuisine among the Bene Israel Jews of Mumbai. Also, here’s a tip. If you order this dish, do not order any Meat along with it. As the Jews say in the Torah, meat, and dairy cannot be eaten together or ‘do not boil a kid in its mother’s milk.’

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Jewish Cuisine

2. Fish Alberas

If you are wondering that Jewish Cuisine doesn’t include meat at all, that’s not true. Their Fish Alberas will satisfy your meat cravings very well. This fish and potato curry is love to the Bene Israel Jews of Mumbai. With a base of spiced onion-tomato gravy, this curry is light on your stomach. The Jews call this curry their home and will surely give you a similar feeling.

Jewish Cuisine

3. Malida

Malida is basically a Jewish rendition of our very own Poha. Jewish Cuisine is quite a healthy choice to embrace as the dishes are very basic and light, all the while not minimizing the taste. Made with parched rice, local dried fruits, and spices, Malida is a burst with flavors in your mouth. This dish also serves a religious significance. Malida acts as a special delicacy of the Jews during their prayers to Prophet Elijah.

4. Sabbath Cake

People often avoid sugar for health benefits and are more into Jaggery nowadays. For all those who stay away from desserts, here’s a yummy and healthy alternative. Jewish Cuisine has a popular attraction, the Sabbath Cake. It’s a semolina and Jaggery cake and is mostly made for offerings during the Shabbath. For the batter, you only need semolina, jaggery, Coconut milk, Ghee, raisins, and water. That’s it. It’s also an easy recipe for your home baking sessions. So do give it a try!

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5. Chik-Cha Halwa

Halwas are always a priority for Indians when it comes to sweet dishes. In Jewish Cuisine, desserts take up a good proportion and are very popular. Chik Cha halwa is mostly available during the various festivities of the Indian Jews. Chik-Cha Halwa will let you experience Indian Jewish culture in its truest sense. It’s wheat in coconut milk with sugar for the sweetness. A bowl of Chik Cha Halwa will surely give you the same happiness as India’s very own Gajar ka Halwa. So Mumbaikars, why not celebrate Jewish Cuisine this festive season? Try out some of these dishes and let us know which one suits you the best.


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