Research Shows That Working from Home Increases Productivity

by Gizel Menezes
Research Shows That Working from Home Increases Productivity

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Recall all those days of calling in sick just to work-from-home. The simple comforts of lazing on the couch, in the comfiest of shorts, gorging on all sorts of junk, while watching TV. Aah, thanks to the global pandemic, we are going to see a lot of these days in the near future. And guess what? Research says you’re more productive while you work from home than working in an office.

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Factors That Help You Increase Productivity While WFH

Researchers have found that working from home increases productivity and leads to healthier lifestyles. Let’s look at all the factors that help you increase productivity while working from home!

  1. You save a LOT of time: A study released by Marks & Spencer revealed that the average woman spends 17 minutes each morning trying to find an outfit to wear to work. This does not include dressing up at all. A work-from-home lifestyle helps you start saving time by starting work in the comfort of your t-shirt and shorts. Also, Indians reportedly spend 7% of their day commuting to office. A work-from-home environment ensures that you do not have to rush out of your house, half-eating your breakfast, to catch that train. You can wake up, meditate, have a good healthy breakfast, and then start working. Beginning your day on a positive note can increase productivity.
  2. You can take a lot of breaks: The most important method to stay productive is to take breaks. A work from home allows you to take breaks by giving you a comfortable work environment. Squeeze a work out in between, play with your pet, and spend time with family.
  3. Lesser distractions: Office workers spent an average of 66 minutes per day discussing non-work topics according to a study. At home, you can save yourself from unwanted gossip, noisy co-workers and general distractions, thereby increasing concentration and productivity.
  4. Less stress and better work-life balance: Employees working from home report that greater flexibility with work reduces the stress of juggling work and home life. And of course, you can work better without your boss breathing down your neck.
  5. Increased job satisfaction: In a study carried out by an economics professor from Stanford University, workers who were allowed to work from home reported higher job satisfaction. You feel you can manage both home and work tasks which has a positive impact on your job and productivity.

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A key takeaway from this article is that integration between work and personal life is important to achieve higher productivity. So arm yourselves with food and get used to working from home. Because that is what the future possibly demands now.

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