12 Restaurateurs Who Have Taken Their Father’s Legacy Forward With Their Hospitality Groups

These visionaries are reshaping the hospitality landscape!

by Mallika Khurana
12 Restaurateurs Who Have Taken Their Father’s Legacy Forward With Their Hospitality Groups

The world of hospitality is often built on legacies, where culinary traditions and business acumen are passed down through generations. In this dynamic landscape, several restaurateurs have not only upheld their family traditions but also innovated and expanded their brands to new heights. These restaurateurs have taken their fathers’ legacies and transformed them into thriving empires, blending heritage with modernity. Here, we celebrate 12 remarkable individuals who continue to honour and elevate their fathers’ legacies, creating unforgettable dining experiences that span continents and cultures. 

Restaurateurs Who Have Taken Their Father’s Legacy Forward

1. Prakash Chawla, Continuing The Legacy Of Bhagat Tarachand

The Bhagat Tarachand family has a rich culinary history dating back to 1895 when Tarachand Chawla established a food stall in Karachi. Known for his generosity, Chawla was called “Bhagat” (kind-hearted), often providing meals to the needy. This spirit of kindness and commitment to quality food remains the cornerstone of B. Bhagat Tarachand (BBT), as it expanded across Mumbai.

Today, under Prakash Chawla’s leadership, BBT continues to serve authentic, home-style vegetarian cuisine. The Zaveri Bazaar location opened in the 1970s, remains popular for dishes like dal fry, buttery soft phulkas, and the unique “kutchi beer” (chaas served in beer bottles). The Bhagat Tarachand family prides itself on maintaining high freshness and quality standards.

2. Roshan Banan, Spearheading Sagar Ratna’s Evolution

Jayaram Banan Sagar Ratna

Jayaram Banan’s entrepreneurial journey began in 1986 with the first Sagar Ratna in Defence Colony. Known for its authentic South Indian cuisine, Sagar Ratna offers specialities like Mini Idlis in sambhar, Masala Dosa, and aromatic filter coffee. Banan’s dedication to preserving South Indian flavours while innovating new dishes has been key to its success, now boasting over 100 restaurants across North India.

His son, Roshan Banan, now serves as a director at Sagar Ratna Restaurants Pvt. Ltd., continuing to expand the brand’s reach while maintaining the authenticity and quality that customers expect. The Banan family’s commitment to excellence ensures Sagar Ratna remains a beloved destination for South Indian cuisine enthusiasts.

3. Monish Gujral, Globalising The Iconic Dishes Of Moti Mahal


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Kundan Lal Gujral revolutionised Indian cuisine with inventions like tandoori chicken, butter chicken, and dal makhani. Starting in Peshawar, he moved to Delhi post-partition in 1947, opening the first Moti Mahal in Daryaganj. This eatery quickly became a landmark, attracting patrons like Jawaharlal Nehru and Indira Gandhi.

Gujral’s son, Nand Lal Gujral, further expanded the brand by establishing the Moti Mahal Delux chain in South Delhi. Today, Kundan Lal Gujral’s grandson, Monish Gujral, oversees the brand’s global expansion through Moti Mahal Delux Management Services, with over 150 franchises worldwide. The Gujral family’s dedication to preserving their culinary heritage while adapting to modern tastes has made Moti Mahal a globally recognised name in Indian cuisine.

4. Amar Ohri, Transforming Ohri’s Into Hyderabad’s Premier Hospitality Destination

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Founded in 1976 by Ravi Ohri with Hotel Baseraa, the Ohri brand quickly gained a reputation for innovation and quality across Hyderabad. Ravi Ohri’s vision was furthered by his son, Amar Ohri, who played a crucial role in expanding and diversifying the business.

Under Amar’s leadership, Ohri’s has grown into a chain of top restaurants, hotels, and banquets, each offering a unique dining experience. From romantic and historical themes to quirky and serene ambiances, Ohri’s caters to a wide range of customer preferences, ensuring memorable dining experiences.

5. Joy Kapur And Sons, Continuing The Culinary Legacy Of K Hospitality

K Hospitality, founded by Mr. JK Kapur in 1972, brought the flavours of the North West Frontier Province to Bombay with the launch of Copper Chimney. Under Joy Kapur’s leadership, the legacy of hospitality has flourished and evolved.

Joy Kapur, inheriting his father’s legacy in food and hospitality, took the reins of Copper Chimney at a young age, driving significant growth and expansion. Along with his sons Karan and Varun, he has propelled K Hospitality onto the global stage, reflecting both business prowess and a tribute to the enduring legacy of the Kapur family.

6. The Agarwal Siblings, Nurturing Innovation In The Haldiram Family Tradition


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The Haldiram family, rooted in the entrepreneurial spirit of Ganga Bishan Agarwal, has become a household name across India. The torchbearers, including Moolchand, Satyanarayan, and Rameshwarlal, expanded the family business with remarkable foresight.

Today, under the leadership of Pankaj Agarwal and his siblings, Haldiram continues to thrive. They offer diverse products from traditional snacks to modern dining experiences. Their ability to embrace change while staying true to their roots has ensured Haldiram’s enduring success.

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7. Harshavardhan Neotia, Spearheading Excellence In The Ambuja Neotia Group


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The Neotia family has played a crucial role in Kolkata’s business landscape for almost 120 years. In the 1950s, the late Shri Suresh Neotia and his brothers started Radhakrishna Bimal Kumar (RKBK), a franchisee of Burma Shell, and diversified into various sectors. Under Harshavardhan Neotia, the group expanded into real estate and hospitality.

Their restaurant portfolio includes Sonar Tori (Curated Bengali Cuisine), The Orient (Oriental Cuisine), Afraa (World Cuisine), and the recent addition, Bombastic Supper Club, a dining establishment that specializes in Euro-Asian fusion dishes.

8. Nikita And Ankita Poojari, Redefining Tradition At Shiv Sagar Group

restaurateurs father's legacy
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Founded by Narayan T. Poojari, Shiv Sagar is a cornerstone of Mumbai’s vegetarian dining scene. Narayan’s journey from a cleaning boy to the founder of a hospitality empire is a testament to hard work and determination.

Nikita and Ankita Poojari, his daughters, bring a fresh perspective and passion for innovation. These restaurateurs have expanded the father’s culinary legacy with ventures like Butterfly High, blending Indian flavours with global influences, and outlets like Kyma in Mumbai and Pune. Their commitment to quality and business acumen have cemented Shiv Sagar’s position as a leader in vegetarian dining.

9. Debasree Roy Sarkar, Continuing The Legacy Of Peerless Hotels’ Roy Family

Founded by RS Roy in 1932 and later guided by SK Roy, Peerless Hotels has a legacy spanning generations. Debasree Roy Sarkar, the current custodian, embodies the essence of familial dedication and vision.

Starting 14 years ago under her father’s tutelage, Debasree has expanded and innovated. She particularly cherishes Aaheli, a restaurant dear to her. The group remains committed to responsible tourism, safeguarding cultural legacies and environmental resources.

10. Ankita And Adith Fernandes, Upholding Their Father’s Vision At Fresh Catch

Founded by Francis Fernandes in 1998, Fresh Catch became synonymous with authenticity and innovation. After his untimely demise in 2020, his children, Ankita and Adith Fernandes, took over with determination.

Rooted in the coastal flavours of Goa and Mangalore, Fresh Catch emerged as a culinary institution. Ankita’s culinary expertise and Adith’s creative prowess breathed new life into their father’s vision. Especially during the pandemic. they pivoted to home delivery and digital platforms.

11. Zorawar Kalra’s Culinary Empire, Building On Jiggs Kalra’s Legacy


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Jiggs Kalra, the “Czar of Indian Cuisine,” introduced age-old delicacies to a global audience, setting unparalleled standards in hospitality. His son, Zorawar Kalra, continues this legacy through Massive Restaurants Pvt. Ltd.

Zorawar, with a focus on molecular gastronomy infused with Indian spices, has created trendsetting brands like Farzi Café and Masala Library by Jiggs Kalra. His innovative approach has reshaped the dining experience, captivating patrons worldwide.

12. Roop Partap Choudhary And Col. Manbeer Choudhary’s Journey Of Heritage Hospitality

Col. Manbeer Choudhary
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Col. Manbeer Choudhary and his son Roop Partap Choudhary of the Jewels Group of Hotels blend tradition and modernity. They transformed the Noormahal Palace Hotel into an iconic symbol of opulence, rooted in Punjab’s royal legacy.

Their meticulous focus on aesthetics, cultural heritage, and culinary arts has elevated the palace to a coveted destination. Roop Partap Choudhary’s international ventures, like Colonel Saab in the UK, showcase India’s artistry and culinary delights globally.

These restaurateurs not only honour their fathers’ legacies but also inspire future generations.

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