Riyadh’s Meraki Has A Live Fish Market; Enjoy Freshly Cooked Catch Of The Day!

by Vaishalee Kalvankar

All seafood lovers will relate to the fact that every meal feels incomplete without seafood in it. Well, let me share some good news with you! The Greek Fresh Fish Market, a mainstay of Mediterranean cuisine, has just been added to Meraki, a modern Greek restaurant. It will be presenting the best Mediterranean flavours in an exquisite and genuine environment in Riyadh. Keep reading to learn more about this new launch. 

Meraki Launches Greek Fresh Fish Market


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Inspired by its Greek heritage, Psaragora Fresh Fish Market exemplifies Meraki Riyadh’s dedication to providing its prestigious clients with the best fish. 

The eatery, which is known for its warmth and first-rate service, extends an invitation to regulars and visitors alike for an amazing culinary journey.

Visitors can indulge in traditional Greek Giouvetsi, served over a bed of orzo pasta rich in true Mediterranean flavour. They can also explore a range of mouthwatering delicacies at the Greek Fish Market packed with traditional ingredients. All this will be created by professionals in Greek and Mediterranean cookery. 

You can also enjoy the mouthwatering avgolemono soup, which blends acidic fish broth, eggs, and lemon. The fish market takes pre-orders for cavavia, a fragrant fisherman’s soup, and salted sea bass for a special experience. 

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Fishes Are Priced According To Their Weight


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To ensure the finest quality and freshness, each fish is only priced according to its weight. 

Visitors can explore the extensive a la carte menu that features a wide range of specialties while taking in the Meraki Riyadh fish market experience. There will be warm appetisers, raw and fresh meals, succulent main dishes and sides, and shared platters that are suitable for all palates.

Meraki welcomes lovers of seafood and Greek cuisine to embark on an extraordinary gastronomic trip that will be distinguished by great flavours, distinctive services, and an energetic atmosphere in honour of the opening of the Greek Fresh Fish Market.

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How excited are you?

Cover Image Courtesy: @meraki/Instagram